October 2018

Pervert is spared jail because judge thinks he has been ‘punished enough’

A man caught with 145 indecent pictures of children has been spared jail because a judge decided he had been punished enough.

Paul Whitworth was at work when police visited his home and seized his computers, telling his wife they had information that the property’s computer IP address had been connected with downloads of illegal images of youngers.

Detectives found on the computers seven images in category A, the most serious, eight in category B and 130 in category C.

Whitworth (52), who had no previous convictions, admitted to the police that the images were his, and at Leicester Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, August 30, he pleaded guilty to three counts of making illegal images.

At Leicester Crown Court on Friday, Judge Nicholas Dean heard that Whitworth had lost his job and that his wife and family had also suffered as a result of the case.

Whitworth lived in Leicestershire at the time of the raid. He now lives in Richmond Avenue, Nottingham.

The judge said he agreed with Mr Gibbs and did not believe Whitworth deserved any further punishment.

He told the defendant: “Mr Whitworth, you have already paid a heavy price. You have worked all your adult life and you have done well.

“Your chances of being employed in the future seem to be limited.

“The police search of your home – when you were not at home but your wife was – must have caused her extreme distress.

“She’s here today and has stood by you and I’ve read heart-felt testimonials from her and your son.

Whitworth was given a two-year community order with various rehabilitation activities and gave him a sexual harm prevention order for five years, ensuring police can monitor his internet access.

The judge said that while forcing Whitworth to carry out unpaid work was an option, it was not necessary to punish him further.

He said: “I don’t think unpaid work is necessary. I think you’ve been punished enough. I think what you need is rehabilitation.”