November 2018

Man repeatedly asked 14-year-old for naked pictures of herself

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A pervert has been jailed after his sexual advances on social media caused a 14-year-old to try to take her own life.

Matthew Coyne, of Whitfield Avenue, Paddington, was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court on Monday for inciting a child to engage in sexual activities.

The 23-year-old was sending inappropriate messages to the victim, despite being fully aware of her age.

But the court heard he never met her in person.

Oliver King, prosecuting, told the court that Coyne messaged the victim on Instagram and told her he was 22.

She told him she was 14 and replied saying that her photographs made her look older.

She accepted a Facebook friend request from him and the two started exchanging messages via social media.

The victim described their first conversations as friendly but said Coyne soon started talking about relationships, telling her: “I wish you were my girlfriend”.

He talked to her about naked photographs and sent her a photograph of his naked genitalia.

He implied that he wanted to have sex with her and repeatedly asked for naked photographs which she did not send.

It was the victim who first suggested they meet at Bruche Park.

Coyne did not attend the meeting, afterwards stating that he had fallen asleep.

The victim attended but briefly ran away from her home, before returning and confiding in her mum.

She then attempted to take her own life and she was taken to hospital where the police became involved.

Coyne was interviewed and accepted everything, also admitting to messaging other women online, but stressed that the victim was the only underage girl he had messaged.

Coyne has one previous conviction dating back to 2012 for criminal damage and theft.

Judge Murray, sentencing, told Coyne: “This came to light when the victim took an overdose and was taken to hospital – she thought she might be in trouble.

“She is anxious and she has tried to take her own life twice.

“This was an isolated offence and you have expressed your remorse and so you should.”

Because the victim had tried to take her own life as a result of Coyne’s actions, Judge Murray stressed that immediate custody was the only justifiable punishment.

He added: “I accept that you have issues but I cannot just think of you.”

Coyne was jailed for 12 months after pleading guilty to one count of inciting a child to engage in sexual activities and one count of inciting a child to send naked photographs.

He will also be on the sexual offence register for 10 years and will be made subject to a sexual harm prevention order.