November 2018

Animal porn pervert gets community order

GUILTY: Victor Maguire. Photo: West Mercia Police

A plumber has admitted possessing extreme pornography showing a woman having sex with various animals – but claimed he viewed the images ‘out of curiosity’ to see if he had the same sexual interests as his dad.

Victor Maguire was found in possession of 23 images showing bestiality and was sentenced at Worcester Crown Court on Monday.

The 49-year-old of Hanbury Wharf Canal Village, Hanbury Road, near Droitwich told a probation officer his dad had been convicted of possessing indecent images and he wanted to know if he had a similar interest and found that he did not

Andrew Wallace, prosecuting, said the images were found on a Samsung mobile phone and Samsung laptop and cover a period between October 26 and November 1, 2016.

He said: “On both those items there were bestiality images.”

The defendant kept his head lowered throughout the hearing.

Mr Wallace said Maguire had searched for ‘zoo sex’ and ‘animal porn website’. The images involved ‘a variety of animals’ and an ‘adult (human) female’ said Mr Wallace.

Judge Jim Tindal said: “Probably that’s all that needs to be said about it I would have thought.”

Mr Wallace said the maximum sentence that could be imposed was one of two years in custody or three years if it could be demonstrated that the sexual activity had caused serious injury or was non-consensual which did not apply in this case.

The nature of the offence means that notification requirements do not apply under the Sexual Offences Act.

Mr Wallace said: “The defendant pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.”

Probation officer Ignatius Concannon said Maguire was in a relationship with his ex-wife for four and a half years and married to her for two and a half, a relationship described as ‘characterised by constant arguments’.

He said Maguire had told him his wife had accused him of sexual offences and put messages on Facebook. When Maguire went to the police he was arrested and the images were found

Maguire told the officer he felt ‘enraged’ while viewing the images. Maguire is a self-employed plumber who lived on a narrowboat with his current partner.

“He felt unable to go out in public since he was charged with the offence” said Mr Concannon.

Judge Jim Tindal said: “Mr Maguire, you are a man of middle age who has not been in trouble for a considerable period of time.

“You need to make sure – if this was curiosity – that it never ever happens again.

“Every time someone like you clicks on one of these images, whatever your motive for doing it, you fuel the trade in those images and therefore the abuse of animals and the exploitation of women.”

The judge imposed a 12 month community order to include 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

He must also pay a contribution towards costs of £150.

A restraining order was made in relation to his ex-partner for a period of five years.

The judge ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the equipment on which the images were found.