November 2018

Laughing drug-crazed fiends filmed themselves sexually abusing two unconscious women

Two drug-crazed fiends filmed themselves laughing as they sexually abused two unconscious women at a house party – including by using a shoe.

Vile pair Richard Hindmarsh and Ibrahim Farmo joked as they savagely molested their helpless victims over an hour.

The women had passed out through drink and drug abuse and one later died, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

Farmo, aged 39, and 30-year-old Hindmarsh filmed the abuse on a mobile phone and even efforts of paramedics to save the life of the woman in her 20s, known as Miss X.

Jailing each for 12 years, a judge said that the use of the toe of a dirty trainer to abuse both women was “unbelievable”.

Judge Robert Linford said: “While I do not sentence you for taking the life of that poor, poor woman, it remains that the last thing that Miss X experienced apart from the life-saving paramedics was you two molesting her.

“The hurt experienced by her friends and family and that experienced by Miss Y must be almost unbearable.”

The court heard that Farmo called an ambulance to his home in Connaught Avenue, Mutley, but Miss X never regained consciousness.

The other victim, in her 40s and known only as Miss Y, was treated at Derriford Hospital.

The dead woman’s mother said in a statement read to a packed Courtroom 3: “All of the happy memories of my daughter have been ruined by knowing what the two men did.”

Former maintenance worker Hindmarsh, a father-of-two, of St Georges Court in Torquay, and ex-factory worker Farmo, had previously both pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual assault by penetration on March 4.

Judge Linford told the pair: “After a long period of drinking and drug-taking, Miss X and Miss Y lapsed into unconsciousness. You two saturated yourself with a cocktail of drink and or drugs and took advantage of the unconsciousness of your victims to savagely abuse them.

“You penetrated them repeatedly, including unbelievably with the toe of a trainer shoe.

“In addition you subjected them to repeated indecency. Over the years it has been my misfortune to have viewed a large number of pieces of video of people behaving in the most appalling fashion towards their fellow humans.

“The videos I have had to watch in this case is amongst the most disturbing I have ever seen. You are seen laughing, joking and taking drugs and making awful comments about the two women and it went on for many, many minutes.”

Emily Pitts, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said an ambulance was called to Connaught Avenue in Mutley at about 11pm.

She said paramedics found the two women unconscious in Farmo’s room.

Farmo told the police he had been having a party and the two women had been taking drugs, he believed cocaine and MDMA.

Miss Pitts said ambulance staff performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Miss X and both were taken to Derriford Hospital.

The barrister added: “She never recovered consciousness. She died on March 7.”

Miss Pitts said Farmo was questioned about the drugs and police examined his mobile phone – where they found 18 videos taken over about an hour.

The footage was not shown in court but has been watched by the barristers and the judge.

Miss Pitts said some of the videos showed the pair abusing the women and others showed close-ups of their semi-naked bodies.

The barrister said: “Miss X’s mother has questions and concerns about whether her daughter would still be alive if an ambulance had been called earlier.

“She describes a loving daughter who would have fought for justice had she been alive today. She says that every relationship and friendship has been affected by what happened because people don’t know how to talk to her about her daughter.”