September 2018

Paedophiles caught with indecent images of children

THREE vile paedophiles are back out on the streets after avoiding jail for their sick offences.

Over a number of years, Robert McDermitt, Iain Kidd and Fillip Hannisdal collected indecent images of children. They also took – or permitted to be taken – lewd images of kids.

In addition, the perverts also had extreme porn in their possession that depicted people performing sex acts with animals.

Despite their crimes, the men were handed community-based disposals at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week to focus on their rehabilitation.

McDermitt, 61, carried out his crimes between 2008 and 2017.

McDermitt, of Albany Avenue in Springboig, was said to be battling prostate cancer and will have to undergo medical treatment.

Iain Kidd, 30, (pictured below) carried out his crimes between 2005 and 2017.

Kidd, of Inkerman Road in Hillington, acknowledged the serious nature of the charges, the number of images, and the fact he had committed the crimes for over a decade.

Fillip Hannisdal, 31 of Gunn Quadrant in Bellshill (pictured below) carried out his crimes between 2014 and 2017

A forensic search by the cyber experts revealed Kidd and Hannisdal each had a haul of hundreds of illegal pictures of children and images of beastiality.

The court heard the pair are business partners for an internet business and at the time both lived at the address with Kidd’s parents and partner.

They co-own Dragonbyte Technologies Ltd, a software business.

On their website it’s described as “The leading provider of vBulletin software addons since 2010”.

Procurator fiscal depute Derek Buchanan said: “In August 2017 Police Scotland received credible and reliable evidence that indecent images of children were being downloaded and distributed from the accused’s home address.”

They searched the property and took a number of pieces of computer equipment and hard drives away from each Kidd and Hannisdal’s rooms to be examined.

It revealed Kidd had almost 984 still images and 496 moving, and 7689 pictures of extreme pornography.

While Hannisdal had 170 still pictures, 50 moving and 163 images which the court heard depicted sexual activity involving people and animals.

Both men had vile pictures and videos of children ranging from category A – the most serious – to C.

When they were cautioned and charged by police neither made a reply and both gave no comment interviews.

Sheriff Peter McCormack sentenced all three men to a Community Payback Order with supervision for three years as a direct alternative to custody. They were also handed a Restriction of Liberty Order, in which they will have to remain at home between the hours of 7pm and 7am for six months.

In addition, they were placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for three years and are not allowed unsupervised contact with children under the age of 16.

The men have also been ordered to engage with the Moving Forward Making Changes behavioural programme – which is designed to provide treatment for people who commit sexual offences or offences with a sexual element.

In respect to their online use, all three men have been banned from using Firefox web browser and they must make their internet history available instantly on request.

Both Kidd and Hannisdal, who appeared in the dock together, have additionally been banned from installing software that removes computer files and are prohibited from using devices that access the internet unless they retain the web history.