March 2021

Paedophile has again appeared in front of a judge

A paedophile who is already serving time for a string of vile offences has again appeared in front of a judge.

Joseph Tracey Swindlehurst, of Darwen, admitted he had subjected an eight-year-old boy to months of sexual and physical abuse by beating and raping him.
During sentencing for the offences, it was heard how Swindlehurst’s late wife was also heavily involved in aiding the abuse.
The 62-year-old will now serve a further 16 years on top of a seven-year sentence which was imposed upon him in 2018 after he pleaded guilty to historical offences on four girls and a boy.
The new term of imprisonment, which is comprised of 11 years in custody with a further five on licence, will run consecutively with the original term, meaning he is now two years into a total 23-year sentence.
Addressing the defendant at Preston Crown Court, his Honour Judge David Potter said: “Around you, Joseph Tracey Swindlehurst, there are arranged the many lives shattered by your criminal behaviour over the years.
“Four women and a man were abused sexually by you when they were under the age of 14. You were between the age of 14 and 24.
“In December 2019 following guilty pleas, you received a total sentence of seven years and three months and you are currently serving that sentence
“To that long list of people you sexually abused, there must now sadly be added another name.
“You and your late wife, began using the child as a sexual plaything. You forced him into degrading, humiliating and painful acts of sexual violence, many done in the presence of and with the active encouragement of your late wife for your mutual perverted sexual gratification.
He added: “You acted together with your wife. Had she still been alive she would have been prosecuted as an aider and abettor to rape. This was a gross misuse of trust.

Deeming Swindlehurst, of Melbourne Street, a dangerous offender, Judge Potter added: “Your victim will never be able to let go of the trauma”

December 2018

Darwen paedophile Joseph Swindlehurst jailed

A pervert who sexually abused five children has been jailed for seven years and three months.

Joseph Tracy Swindlehurst, who often went by the first name Tracy, was sentenced at Preston Crown Court, where Judge Beverley Lunt described the case as ‘unsettling and upsetting’.

Swindlehurst, of Melbourne Street, Darwen, pleaded guilty to numerous counts of gross indecency and indecent assault against five victims, four girls and one boy.

The offences took place across Lancashire and started when Swindlehurst was 14, though he carried on offending into adulthood.

Charles Brown, prosecuting, said: “One of the victims recalls how she was abused by the defendant, saying he would touch her inappropriately.

“A second victim stated that her abuse followed a similar pattern and she described Swindlehurst as ‘cunning’.

“A third female told how Swindlehurst took her to a secluded area where he abused her and also encouraged a friend to do the same.”

Mr Brown went on to tell the court how Swindlehurst’s male victim was abused over a period of eight years.

He added: “In a letter written by one of the female victims, she says, ‘I would like to thank you for pleading guilty and for saving me the anguish of reliving my childhood nightmares. After seeing how remorseful you are, I forgive you. Nothing can change the past. It is the future we need to look forward to.”

Judge Lunt said: “There is no question about it, from everything I have read, it is clear that you had an unhappy childhood and you were subjected to physical abuse by your alcoholic father.

“But when you turned 14 you yourself became the offender and abused the trust of each of your victims.

“I have read the statements from the victims saying how you have affected their lives – you had the power and that’s what makes the case so bad.

“I am not sentencing a youth or a man in his twenties today.

“I am sentencing a man in his sixties with health problems and I will take that into account.

“I also take into account the fact that you have not strayed into this territory again over the years.”

Judge Lunt ordered Swindlehurst to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life.