January 2019

High risk sex offender jailed

A high risk sex offender from Pembroke Dock has been jailed for downloading child sex abuse images.

Sean Aris, aged 35, had been jailed in 2013 for sexually assaulting a two-year-old boy.

As a result, said Ian Wright, prosecuting, he was monitored by police after his release from prison.

On December 19 last year officers went to his home at Old Coronation School, Meyrick Street, and asked him if he had any electronic devices.

He showed them a mobile telephone and a laptop.

When an officer told him they would be examined with the help of specialist software he began to panic and confessed he had been looking at child sex abuse.

The police found two indecent images on his ‘phone and evidence that images had been deleted from the laptop.

Aris admitted he had downloaded about 100 images in each of the three categories of child sex images, including the most serious category A.

Mr Wright said officers also found a text conversation Aris had had with another known high risk offender.

In that message Aris said he was on the beach at Wiseman’s Bridge looking at children and wrote: “I would be locked up if people knew I was getting aroused.”

During interviews Aris said he was attracted to blonde haired boys aged eight or nine.

Judge Keith Thomas said Aris suffered from a compulsion and his sexual interest in children was unabated despite being jailed in 2013 and receiving counselling.

And he had demonstrated that whatever restrictions were placed on him he was willing to flout them.

Aris was jailed for 16 months but told the sentence would be extended so that he would be on licence and liable to be recalled to jail for four years following his release.

He was also made the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order restricting his access to the Internet and laying down other conditions