January 2021

David Massey jailed after evading police checks

A pervert allowed to go to Thailand for his marriage while awaiting sentence for sex offences has been jailed.

Carl David Massey, 40, was given a six-month suspended prison sentence and made subject to police monitoring after he returned to this country in 2019 as a wedded man.

He evaded the checks and is today behind bars for eight months.

“You need to know that court orders are there to be obeyed,” the Recorder of York, Judge Sean Morris, told him.

Massey’s wife watched from the public gallery of York Crown Court as he was jailed.

Massey, of Abbots Gait, Huntington, pleaded guilty to two breaches of the sexual harm prevention order he was given in 2019.

Ben Whittingham, prosecuting, said the order banned Massey from having an internet device without telling the police and from deleting his internet history on any device he had.

But when police visited him on August 5, they found that he had a phone he hadn’t told them about.

His Google account had evidence that he had deleted 50 GB of data he had accessed on the internet between April and August last year.

Mr Blount said Massey cared for his ailing mother and had originally got the phone for her. But she didn’t use it and it reverted to him. He had “foolishly” not told police about it.

Two years ago, Judge Andrew Stubbs QC delayed sentencing Massey for having indecent images of children on hearing that he had a plane booked within days to go to Thailand for his wedding.

Bridegroom David Carl Massey sentenced for sex crimes

The sex offender given the chance to fly to Thailand and get married before receiving his court punishment has returned to York Crown Court.

David Carl Massey, 33, pleaded guilty to three charges of having indecent videos and pictures of children, one of having prohibited pornography and one of having extreme pornography in February,

His solicitor advocate Graham Parkin successfully persuaded Judge Andrew Stubbs QC to delay sentence so he could attend his pre-arranged wedding in Thailand.

Massey was warned he faced a jail term.

After he returned to the UK and after probation officers prepared a pre-sentence report on him, he appeared before the same judge to learn his fate.

The judge said Massey’s actions with images of children being abuse had brought “great shame” upon himself.

“It is plain to me you were deliberately seeking them out for your own sexual gratification because of your isolation and your incapability of functioning in society in an acceptable way.

After reading about Massey’s domestic circumstances, he gave him a six-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months on condition he does 30 days’ rehabilitative activities and 100 hours’ unpaid work.

Massey, of Abbots Gait, Huntington, was also put on the sex offenders’ register for seven years and made subject to a sexual harm prevention order for the same length of time.

Rob Galley, prosecuting, said police found 37 computers and storage devices at Massey’s home.

They also found 124 videos of children being sexually abused, including 36 of the most serious category and 1617 sexual pictures of children. All but 40 of the pictures were of the lowest category.

He had also been involved in a peer to peer sharing internet network

Mr Parkin said Massey had lost his job when he told his employer about his arrest and charges. He wanted help to tackling his problems.

February 2019

Bridegroom faces jail on return to York

A bridegroom may be jailed after he returns to York from his marriage ceremony in Thailand.

David Carl Massey, 38, had a flight booked to fly out of England days after admitting offences involving indecent images of children and extreme pornography, York Crown Court heard.

“He is going on holiday by himself to be married to a lady,” said his solicitor advocate Graham Parkin, applying for sentence to be adjourned until April.

The couple have known each other for several years and the trip had been booked before Massey was charged, said the solicitor advocate. Massey had had to convince the British Embassy and the Home Office there was a genuine bond between the couple before he could book her ticket to the UK.

Judge Andrew Stubbs QC told Massey: “When you return, the court will be considering a custodial sentence. You must understand if you don’t come back, you will be committing a separate offence.”

Massey, of Abbots Gait, Huntington, pleaded guilty to three charges of having indecent images of children, one of having a prohibited image of a child and one of having extreme pornography.

The court heard he had thousands of images of the lowest category of children being abused and 122 of the two higher categories.

He will be sentenced on April 12 and was told to contact the probation service on his return to the UK so that a pre-sentence report can be prepared. He was granted bail.