July 2019

Former member of staff at Upminster’s Stubbers Adventure centre downloaded 100 indecent images of children

A former member of staff at Stubbers Adventure centre has been jailed for attempting to engage in sexual communication with children as young as nine

Christopher Luck of Annalee Gardens, South Ockendon, was jailed at Snaresbrook Crown Court today (Friday, August 2) for two years and eight months for a range of sexual offences.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of making (downloading) indecent photographs of children, three counts of distributing indecent photographs, four counts of attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child, three counts of inciting a child to engage in a sexual act and two counts of causing a child to watch a sexual act.

The former member of staff at Stubbers also pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis.

Luck was arrested on April 6 last year after a woman from The Soloceptors ‘paedophile hunters’ team pretended to be a 13-year-old girl and started speaking to Luck on the social media app Kik.

The 42-year-old sent the woman, who he thought was 13, a video of himself with an erection and told her that he wanted her to perform an oral sex act on him.

Prosecutor Usha Shergill told the court: “This is not a single incident but a protracted course of conduct.

“In the chats with [the nine-year-old] Mr Luck expressed in very graphic terms that he wanted to teach her how to perform oral sex.

“The police found 40,800 Kik messages on his phone.

“They used the search term ‘daddy’ and 1,511 results were returned.

“Officers recovered chats between four girls claiming to be between nine and 14-years-old.”

As the Crown Prosecution Service was unable to confirm the ages of four other young people that Luck spoke with on the app, he was charged with attempting to engage with children.

The images found on Luck’s phone ranged from category A (the most serious) to category C and came to a total of 57 pictures and 43 videos.

He also distributed a further 35 indecent images with other people using the Kik app.

April 2019

Upminster play centre worker admits grooming child, 13, after being snared by paedo hunters

A worker at a children’s activity centre has admitted grooming a child, aged 13.

A video showed members of The Soloceptors ‘paedophile hunters’ team approaching and questioning 42-year-old Christopher Luck while he was at work at Stubbers Adventure Centre, Ockendon Road, Upminster.

He was later arrested and charged with sexual communication with a child and possession of cannabis.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Christopher Luck, aged 42 of Annalee Gardens, South Ockendon has pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual communications with a child and possession of Class B drugs at Redbridge Magistrates’ Court, today Monday, 8 April.

“This followed his arrest on Saturday, April 6 on Ockendon Road, Upminster and subsequent charge the next day.

“He has been given conditional bail and will be sentenced on Tuesday, 16 April at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court.”