Update: Released in 2009

November 2004

Convicted paedophile in court again

A Aldermaston parish councillor has been jailed for repeatedly raping and abusing two young girls.

Michael Alan Cunningham, 57 of Aldermaston appeared in court where he faced a number of serious sexual offences involving children which included:

  • Two counts of child rape

  • Three counts of indecency with a child

  • Twelve counts of indecent assault on a child

The court was told that Cunningham a previous conviction for sexual offences which he was handed a probation order for in 1983, after he had repeatedly abused his own two young daughters.

Cunningham separated from his wife and moved to Aldermaston where he took on the role of a parish councillor

The judge sentenced Cunningham to ten years imprisonment and told him that he must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life

September 1983

Father sexually assaulted daughters

A 36-year-old father said to have ‘strong sexual deviance’ after he admitted repeatedly indecently assaulting his two young daughters – one of them over a two year period

Michael Alan Cunningham of Basingstoke was put on probation for two years by Basingstoke Magistrates with the condition that he continues to receive psychiatric treatment and keeps in close contact with the probation service.

He admitted four specimen charges of indecent assault against the one girl – committed in 1978 when the victim was eight – and two offences against the younger girl who was aged under five