June 2019

Bracknell paedophile kept indecent images of children

A father who owned a pink stretch-limousine which he hired out and used to drive schoolgirls to their prom party, was exposed today (June 26) as a paedophile with “an unhealthy interest in young children.”

A judge heard that 38-year-old Robert Westgarth from Priestwood was addicted to pornography when he was arrested by police who found indecent pictures of children aged from six to 16 years on his electronic devices.

Westgarth hit the local News headlines several years ago when he offered to take a group of young girls to their school prom in a pink limousine as a ‘good deed’ after he received a cancellation for his chauffeur services.

The Bracknell man will face a 21-month suspended jail sentence and ordered to attend 25 rehabilitation courses after a jury convicted him on charges of making and obtaining indecent images of children, some of which were of the most serious category.

The prison term was suspended for two years.

Prosecutor Kirsty Allman told the judge: “The four offences relate to the production and possession of 35 indecent images, both still and moving, of children found on Mr Westgarth’s devices, aged from six years to 16 years.”

Sitting at Reading Crown Court, Judge Angela Morris said: “Police visited your home and found indecent images on your storage devices and a video the jury found you had deliberately taken on your mobile phone. This was deliberate and premeditated but you maintained that it was entirely innocent.

“On the storage device you were found to have deliberately searched for indecent images of children which were category A, B and C.

“You are now 38 years of age and until this came to light, you were a family man. You have admitted in the pre-sentence report and to the jury, that you have an addiction. To put it bluntly, it has been said that you have an unhealthy interest in young children.”

However, Judge Morris stressed that being addicted to something was not a defence.

Judge Morris said: “It seems to me that you are still in that place, there is still a long way to go. You still maintain that story you gave to the jury despite them rejecting it but you have not made much of accepting the reality of the situation. You still have little or no insight into why the jury found you guilty.”

Westgarth was made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order which lasts for 10 years and he was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £140 and to pay £500 prosecution costs.

Judge Morris added: “Show to your family that you are the man that they had all hoped you were, the man you were before this and the man you want to be.”