July 2019

Convicted pervert exposed himself to female before delaying 26 trains for almost three hours

An already convicted pervert exposed himself to a woman before delaying 26 trains at a Cambridgeshire railway station for almost three hours.

Andrew Dobson, 34, of Avenue Road, St Neots, was on a cross-country train from Cambridge to Ely at around 3.30pm, when he was standing in the toilet cubicle of the train with the door open, on January 7 this year.

The court heard that Dobson has a sexual harm prevention order after a serious sexual offence towards a girl aged under 13 in 2012 

In his latest offence, Dobson noticed a woman sitting nearby, before approaching her and asking her if she was married and wanted to have sex on the train, saying that she had a “very sexy smile.”

After being rebuffed by the woman, the defendant re-entered the toilet cubicle, stayed there for two minutes and came out to greet the woman again.

He sat down opposite her, took his trousers off and revealed his erect penis and testicles.

The woman then shouted at him and told him to go away, threatening to call the police.

Dobson, then concerned she was going to call the police, went and moved to another carriage.

After the train had reached Ely Station, the woman then notified the train driver of what had happened – who then went looking for Dobson.

Dobson was found by the driver and the woman, before he apologised to her.

But after realising the police had been called, Dobson then walked onto the railway tracks to try and escape.

He then walked towards a standing freight train and started to have a conversation with the driver, saying: “All I want to do is get out of here.”

The police then attended and Dobson was arrested on suspicion of exposure and trespassing on the railway.

It was calculated by Network Rail afterwards that Dobson had caused a 152 minute delay involving 26 trains – costing a total of £12,204.

The court heard how the woman, who was exposed to Dobson’s private parts, had previously told the authorities that she was unaffected by the events, and described herself as being a woman of “some fortitude.”

Judge Bridge took this into account when passing his sentence and, while also taking into consideration the seriousness of his offence, felt that Dobson needed rehabilitation and work to help him through a personal crisis.

Dobson was given a suspended sentence order of nine months in prison, which was suspended for two years.

He was ordered to carry out a drugs rehabilitation program for 12 months, and ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work within the same period.

Judge Bridge added that ordering compensation towards the rail company was not viable because Dobson is around £7,000 in debt.