Update: Likely to be released to the Chorley area

December 2007

Couple jailed for subjecting baby to ‘horrific’ torture

A couple who subjected their new born baby boy to 50 days of torture, during which many bones were broken have been jailed

Samuel Chamberlain and Kankamon Sukchuen’s baby son was left with fractures to his legs, ribs, ankle, wrists and spine.

The court heard the injuries were caused when the baby, now six months old, had his fingers bent back, his limbs deliberately twisted and his mouth burned by a hot object.

The couple, both 19, appeared at Bristol Crown Court and pleaded guilty to child cruelty.

Chamberlain was given three-and-half years and Sukchuen four years.

The court heard the child suffered displaced fractures of both thigh bones, fractures to his wrists, fractures above and below his knees and above his left ankle, multiple rib fractures, fractures to the spine, haemorrhages to the eyes, and cuts to the tongue.

The rib fractures were consistent with it being squeezed — which would have caused bleeding to his eyes

The court heard the leg fractures were the most extensive ever seen by medical staff in 19 years.

But it was not possible to state which defendant caused which injury.

Mr Davies said they lied to medical authorities, social workers and police about the injuries — offering explanations such as seeing him get his hand caught or poking himself in the eye.

A spokesman for Bristol City Council said: “Social workers and medical authorities were involved with the couple from the birth of the child and the boy was seen on a regular basis by a range of health professionals.

“Indeed, it was due to the vigilance of the health visitor that the boy’s injuries were identified and protective action taken.

“Once the child’s injuries came to light immediate action was taken to ensure his safety.

“The child is now safe and well,” he added.