July 2019

Paedophile grandad will walk free today just a YEAR into a five-year prison sentence

An evil paedophile grandad will walk free today just a YEAR into a five-year prison sentence.

Warped Dubliner Christy Redmond, 74, repeatedly raped his granddaughter Leanne Murphy between the ages of seven and nine.

Now he claims he is losing his mind behind bars.

Devastated Leanne, 24, yesterday branded his early release a “legal loophole”.

She insists: “He should be left to rot in a cell till he dies.”

Redmond, who is her mum’s father, carried out a string of vicious attacks on Leanne between 2002 and 2004 at Tolka Valley pitch and putt club in Dublin, where he worked.

He denied all charges and the victim was dragged through a seven-year ordeal from making the initial report to when he was finally locked up in April last year.

Ms Murphy, from Finglas, Dublin, wrote on Facebook: “My heart is broke; I feel so let down by the Irish system.

“That monster was supposed to be my grandfather, but instead took advantage of a young girl. Never once was there any mention of [the] illness that Christy Redmond had, then last minute [he is] saying he has cognitive impairment.

“He was trying to play the doctors, because he’s a sick animal that can’t take responsibility for his actions.

“Christy Redmond will get off on everything now and be released on Monday as his illness has progressed.”

Leanne, an NUI Maynooth graduate, is now calling for the laws to change to stop this ever happening again.

She said: “His legal team found a loophole to get him out on the grounds he shouldn’t have been on trial as he was unfit to understand. I’m ashamed of our laws. He should be left to rot in a cell till he dies and even that’s not enough.

“I have been a prisoner all my life and will never fully heal.”

She insists some member of her mother’s family wanted her to “brush it under the carpet” and she was criticised for “standing tall and speaking the truth”.

Disgusting Redmond promised his granddaughter money for sweets and told her the abuse was their secret.

Leanne said she felt excruciating pain during the rapes and described her “soul leaving my body each time”.

She would ask Redmond to “stop, don’t do it” but he would tell the child “everything would be OK”.

Leanne told how she grew up feeling scared, confused and vulnerable. She began self-harming at the age of 10.

She said: “I’ve turned into such an angry person. I’ll never know the person I could have been. My anxiety and depression destroyed me. I thought he loved me. It took years to realise he brainwashed me.” A Court of Appeal hearing took place in April and days later, Leanne wrote online she was surprised by Redmond’s healthy appearance after a year behind bars.

She said: “On Tuesday I was shocked when I saw him. For a man that is supposed to be sick and vulnerable, he looked 10 years younger and as healthy as they come in the box.

“The only thing wrong with you is you’re a sick rapist that destroyed your vulnerable granddaughter’s life when I was just a baby.

“After six years of court appearances, why did it take so long to mention if he was so ill?”

Prior to Redmond’s sentencing at the Central Criminal Court last year, a forensic psychiatrist at the Central Mental Hospital assessed him and found he had a “significant cognitive impairment.”

But a report carried out before the trial found this was in fact “mild”.

Judge Una Ni Raifeartaigh took his mental health and a lack of previous convictions into count when she handed down the five-year custodial sentence.