July 2019

Fife woman ‘treated like sex slave’ from age 5 by paedophile babysitter

A woman has told how she was treated like a sex slave by her rapist babysitter from the age of five.

George Izatt, 37, subjected her to repeated attacks during her primary school years and abused four other children in Levenmouth, Fife.

The abuse survivor has revealed the paedophile’s assaults are her earliest childhood memory.

The woman said the monster “ruined” her life and left her physically and mentally scar­red following the depraved campaign.

And she told how Izatt, 37, preyed on her almost every day for six years and reckoned sex attacks were “part of life”.

But the beast was finally nailed when she and four other abused kids gave evidence at his trial at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Breaking her silence after he was caged for nine years, the brave woman said: “My first memory is him abusing me. I didn’t have a childhood because of Izatt.

“I didn’t need horror characters or the bogeyman when I was younger, I had the real thing. When I shut my eyes, I see him.

Five suspects accused of abusing 42 pupils at Fife school

“He would do what he wanted and leave. I was his sex slave.”

The woman said Izatt pounced in the Methil and Buckhaven areas of Fife between 2005 and 2011 — with the first assault just days before Christmas.

She said: “He came into the toilet when I was trying to put in a pair of earrings I’d got for an early Christmas present.

“He dragged me off the little step I was using to see myself in the mirror and forced me to touch him intimately.

“I was trying to drag my hand away but he said ‘I know you like it’. I was a complete state.

“I got a fright because he hurt me but I was only five, I didn’t know it was wrong.

“It was part of life. When something happens that often, I just assumed it happened to all kids.

“I never told my teachers or pals — it was just the way it was.

“He was always around, I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t there. He would babysit when my parents were out either working or with pals.”

The survivor said she told relatives what had happened but Izatt continued to babysit for six years.

The woman was taken into care aged 13 and only then came to realise the extent of her abuse.

She said: “My foster mum was lovely and none of her family did anything to me. I found it strange.

“I was introduced to her partner and because he was a man, I assumed he was going to do what Izatt had done to me.

“I took a panic attack and she asked what was wrong.

“I eventually told her everything about what had happened to me.”

The woman needed two major ops after developing massive cysts on her ovaries which medics blamed on her sexual traumas.

But despite being told she couldn’t have kids, she is now pregnant.

She said she has also been left with a “survival scar” on her stomach from the surgery.

But she revealed how her mental torment continues from everyday sights and smells.

She said: “Certain aftershaves and deodorants trigger memories.

“He wore Lynx Excite and Lynx Chocolate, and wore Black Suede aftershave that you bought from Avon. When I’m watching a movie and sex scenes come on the TV, I have to fast forward them.

“I’ve suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression because of him.

“He’s ruined my life and all he gets is nine years.

“My ideal punishment would be for him to be to suffer all the pain and anguish I’ve suffered before a slow, agonising death. I want him to feel every single ounce of pain I’ve experienced before he dies.”

Izatt was convicted on July 18 of one count of rape, assaults and lewd and libidinous practices between 2004 and 2013 against five kids in Levenmouth, Fife.