February 2007

Evil McDonagh loses appeal against life term

The pervert who raped and murdered schoolgirl Siobhan Hynes must stay in jail after losing his appeal against conviction. 

John “Demesne” McDonagh, 33, was jailed for life for the brutal killing and sexual attack on the teen. 

Last night her dad Aindi O hEidhin described McDonagh as a “beast” who deserves to rot behind bars. 

He said: “I’m glad he’s gone back to prison and hoping he’ll stay there for as long as he lives. 

“It’s the only place to keep the likes of beasts like that.” 

The body of 17-year-old Siobhan was found at Galway’s Tismeain beach in the early hours of December 6, 1998. 

McDonagh, from The Demesne, Keeraunbeg, Carraroe, Co Galway, raped Siobhan with an object and then brought her to the beach and left her there to drown. 

Yesterday the three-judge Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed his 13 grounds of appeal. 

The last confirmed sighting of Siobhan was at 12.45am on Sunday, December 6, 1998, outside Ostan an Diolin hotel in Carraroe, 12 miles from her home in Lettermore. 

She had spent the night chatting to friends after being refused entry to the hotel disco. 

She had stayed in the car with two friends while her older sister Aine went into the disco with a pal. 

When they met up again Siobhan tried to get into the disco but failed because she was too young. 

She finally said she was going to try to use the toilet at the local chip shop. 

Siobhan was never seen alive again. She was brutally raped by McDonagh, who then tried to choke her. 

He left her for dead on the secluded beach and then drove back to the village where he started a fight. 

Gardai believe he wanted to draw attention to his presence to create an alibi. It was his second fight in the village that night. 

Earlier he attacked his former girlfriend Maire Brid Joyce outside Ostan an Diolin. 

He erupted in fury when he spotted her with another man, viciously hitting her across the back of the head and struck her new boyfriend Ryan Wilcox. 

Terrified, Maire Brid rushed into the hotel and called the Garda. 

McDonagh was later cautioned by officers. But he told them “It’s a free f****ing country” when they advised him to go home. 

A local man out hunting with his dog found Siobhan’s battered body in a rocky inlet, about half a mile from McDonagh’s home. 

McDonagh has always insisted he is innocent. When he was convicted he threw out his arms and pleaded in a low voice, “Oh for f**** sake, ni dhearna me e” [I didn’t do it]. 

McDonagh’s legal team told the Court of Criminal Appeal the trial judge should, at the close of the original trial, have directed the jury to acquit McDonagh. 

But the judges claimed there was “ample” evidence to allow the murder charge go to the jury. 

Friends have revealed how McDonagh was a 20-pint-a-day drunk. When he killed Siobhan, he was a monster who struck fear into his ex-lover. 

His former girlfriend revealed how he threatened to break her spine and once abducted their child. 

And she feared he would have killed her on the night he raped and murdered Siobhan. 

Maire Brid Joyce, 24, told gardai: “I was afraid if he found me that night he would have killed me. I believe he still would.” 

McDonagh is now serving life in Arbour Hill prison in Dublin. Siobhan’s mother Brid said: “It has been very traumatic. We are not the same since this happened.”