August 2019

Dangerous Cornish paedophile caught with boy coming out of his shower

A dangerous paedophile who was banned from having boys in his house has been jailed after a teen was seen coming out of his shower by police.

David Solomon, 41, appeared at Truro Crown Court on Friday for sentencing having pleaded guilty to three counts of breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

The order was made by the magistrates’ court in April, in relation to incidents involving two boys.

It banned Solomon from having contact with boys under the age of 16 without the consent of their parents, and from allowing them to enter or remain at his house.

Prosecutor Nigel Wraith told the court how this year, a teen was seen on CCTV at Solomon’s home with another boy.

The next day the boy was again seen at Solomon’s home, on this occasion also accompanied by an unidentified child.

Police officers attended Solomon’s home following concerns from his offender manager that he was breaching his order.

Solomon consented for police to search his home, and once inside they found the same boy having a shower.

In police interview, Solomon said he had no knowledge the boy was there, but it was established that he had his own key to the home.

He later pleaded guilty to all three counts.

Judge Simon Carr described Solomon as “a very serious risk to any child”.

“It’s difficult to imagine circumstances being more troubling than they are in this case. In April 2019 a free standing sexual harm prevention order was made, they are very rare, they are made when police and social services have concerns that you present an ongoing, immediate threat to children.

“It is a lengthy order which would have been explained to you in detail. It related to your inappropriate behaviour with boys.

“Police found that very boy exiting the shower. CCTV footage showed he had a key.

“That you were prepared to breach that order so soon after it was made, with that very person it was intended to protect, is extremely worrying.

“I have read a number of medical reports and the pre-sentence report and they make for very troubling reading.

“You show an entrenched interest in children and throughout those reports you’ve attempted to minimise responsibility, and to somehow imply that the child was somehow responsible.

“That is classic behaviour by those who target children. I’ve been told you are beginning to gain a realisation that what you did was very wrong indeed.

“One hopes that you have understood how serious your actions were.”

Solomon was jailed for two years and remains on the sex offenders’ register. The sexual harm prevention order also remains in place.