August 2019

JAILED: ‘Sinister’ Blackburn pervert who breached order after 44,000 indecent images were found

A pervert who narrowly avoided going to jail last year after 44,000 indecent images were found in his possession has been locked up after breaching the terms of his sexual harm prevention order.

‘A decade’s worth’ of horrific images were found on devices owned by John Conway in 2018, with the 44-year-old appearing in court in October.

But with a clean record and high hopes of rehabilitation, Conway was issued a 24-month suspended sentence, meaning he wouldn’t have to go to jail unless he breached the terms and conditions of a sexual harm prevention order placed upon him by a judge.

During an unannounced compliance visit just two months later, Conway, of Preston New Road, Blackburn, lied to police officers when asked if he had anything in his home that could connect to the internet.

And when officers explained they could perform a check by scanning his router for connections, Conway quickly backtracked, retreating to his workshop where he retrieved an Acer laptop.

He had not notified the authorities about his possession of the device, which he said was given to him over a year ago, breaching his order.

Sentencing him, Judge Philip Parry said: “The last time you stood before me, I was persuaded, because of your personal mitigation, that the two year sentence you rightly deserved for the possession of vile material, should be suspended in the hope you could be rehabilitated.

“I went on to tell you that if I ever saw you again, you would be going to jail. At the time you indicated your understanding by replying ‘yes, your honour’.

“Imagine my disappointment to find out that you had breached my order.

“You have not attended all of your appointments with the probation service and you were found in possession of a laptop device. These are two breaches.

“The whole point of the order was to stop you from doing what you were doing – amassing images of children.”

Conway was sentenced to two years in prison for the breaches.