August 2019

British paedophile teacher jailed by a Cambodian court

A British teacher charged with raping underage boys has been jailed by a Cambodian court

Steve Loryman, 57, who taught English at a private school, was arrested in November at his rental apartment in the district for paying money to the parents of young boys to let them stay with him.

He was convicted of committing indecent acts against minors.

Six children, aged between nine and 13 years, were rescued from his rental house and five of them confirmed that they had been sexually abused.

Police discovered him midway through sex with one child, while three others watched on.

“The Council of Judges sentenced him to 15 months in jail but three months were suspended,” he said. “I have no further comment because it is the discretion of the judges.”

He was convicted of paying to have sex with four boys, all aged between ten and 14 years old

Police and child protection groups claim they began monitoring Loryman after being tipped off on November 11.

Loryman was allegedly seen with five boys in a tuk tuk before buying them food at a local market.

Police monitored Loryman for two weeks before raiding his home.

Police claim the boys told officers they were each paid between £4 and £8 to have sex with Loryman.

Action Pour les Enfants in a statement yesterday said Mr Loryman’s actions were brought to its attention in September last year, when it received a tip-off from two confidential sources about child abuse in Mr Loryman’s rental apartment.

It said Aple started cooperating with the Cambodian National Police to investigate the alleged abuse.

“Mr Loryman was also ordered to pay a compensation of approximately $1,500 to two child victims and was fined $750,”

He was also banned from Cambodia for three years after he completes his jail term.”

The court heard he taught the boys English, fed them, supported their school fees and allowed them to play in his apartment, gaining their trust before abusing them.

He was previously a deputy headmaster at a school in Keighley, and had reportedly been volunteering in the South East Asia country with his wife since June 2017.