July 2019

Lack of internet history breached sexual harm prevention order

A man has been jailed after he breached his sexual harm prevention order by deleting the history of his internet use on his iphone.

Deryck Michael Hughes, 56, went to re-register himself as a sex offender with police but did not take his phone with him.

Mold Crown Court heard how police made an un-announced visit to his home in February.

He said that he iphone did not retain history but could not explain why he had therefore continued to use it.

Prosecuting barrister Karl Scholz said that the phone was examined and it was found that it had visited various sites but the history had been deleted.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said that it had been a calculated, deliberate attempt to frustrate the terms of the order.

“Such behaviour is manipulative and worrying,” he said.

It called into question his motivation to change and address his previous unnatural behaviour of seeking out illegal images of children

Hughes, of St David’s Road, Old Colwyn, was jailed for seven months but the judge ordered that the current community order should remain in place.

The defendant admitted breaching his sexual harm prevention order.

The defendant accepted that he would have to take professional advice about the use of a phone to reduce the risk of deliberate or inadvertent breaching his order.