June 2019

Paedophile sentenced for serious sexual offences against young girl

A man from the traveling community has been jailed after he was found guilty of serious sexual offences against a young girl

Joby David Wells, 36, formerly of Aylesbury but more recently of Newton Aycliffe, appeared at Durham Crown Court where he was found guilty of:

  • Sexual activity with a female child aged under five

  • Attempted rape of a female child aged under five

The court was told that Wells who had just been released from prison for attacking a man, had moved to Newton Aycliffe from Aylesbury to escape being recalled to prison for failure to report to probation.

Wells began staying with a female friend, when the abuse took place. 

Wells targeted a four year old girl, and sexually assaulted her. As he was about to rape her, he was interrupted. 

During his trial, the jury heard that the young victim who is now just five, was on multiple occasions attacked by Wells which took place over a number of weeks. 

Wells had also been previously jailed for 18 months in 2013 after he went on the rampage in his car and assaulted three police officers. 

On Youtube, Wells can be seen in a video offering a fight to a man in a dispute. He tells the man that he is ‘going to make him fuck his granny’ 

The judge sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment

A sexual harm prevention order for 15 years was imposed and he was told to register as a sex offender indefinitely