August 2019

Sexual predator raped schoolgirl twice in one night

A sexual predator that raped a schoolgirl twice in one night and then who tried to bribe the terrified victim has been jailed

Robert James Smith, 27 of Willenhall appeared at Wolverhampton Crown Court where he was sentenced for offences including: 

  • Two counts of child rape

  • Sexual activity with a child

The court was told that the schoolgirl had just turned 14, when Smith entered her bedroom where she slept with her five year old sister.

Smith crept in and performed oral sex on the child whilst she was asleep. The victim woke and was terrified to see Smith on her.

Smith ordered the younger girl out of the room and went onto rape the 14 year old, using considerable force. After several minutes, he left the room, but returned an hour hour and raped the girl for a second time.

Smith who worked in the local scrapyard told the girl that, “he would come back tomorrow and do it again”, and that he could pay her if she kept quiet about what he had done.

When Smith realised that the child was about to speak out about the abuse, he went on the run for ten days, before finally handing himself into Wolverhampton police station where he confessed to his depraved actions.

Smith was sentenced to a total of 12 years which was reduced to 10 years and eight months for his early guilty plea

A ten year restraining order was put in place, to prevent Smith contacting or approaching the victim or her family.

The judge told Smith that an indefinite sexual harm prevention order would be imposed and he must register as a sex offender for life