August 2019

Wrexham man found with over 100 indecent images of children aged as young as 18-months-old is spared jail

A Wrexham man found with over 100 indecent images of children aged as young as 18-months-old has been spared jail even though he tried to pin the blame on his innocent and ill father

Matthew Wright, 23, of Summerhill appeared at Mold Crown Court after being found in possession of 110 indecent images of young girls aged between 18 months and 15.

Prosecuting, Ms Jo Maxwell, said that information obtained by the National Crime Agency and North Wales Police led to a warrant being executed at Wright’s address on June 19 where a number items were seized including a laptop that was found to contain the explicit material downloaded from social media site.

The court heard how the defendant ‘despicably’ tried to deflect the blame onto his father but was arrested at the scene.

Examination by the High Tech Crime Unit revealed that the content was downloaded over the course of a single day and, despite being deleted, a number of images were accessed a week earlier on June 11.

Ms Maxwell told the court how analysts were also able to find that images had been transferred from Wright’s computer onto an external USB drive that has not been recovered.

Wright was interviewed and denied all knowledge of the images and had no explanation as to how they appeared on the computer, the prosecution said.

Throughout the interview process, Wright slowly accepted his accountability and changed his initial plea to a guilty one on July 31.

Judge Niclas Parry said that Wright has done ‘everything possible to wriggle off the hook’ as he passed a sentence of six months suspended by two years.

He said: “What you did was to contribute to the suffering of children, some aged as young as 18 months. That sexual abuse of them would not happen unless people were prepared to view those images. And you created copies of those images, saved them and also transferred them.

“You have no previous convictions and you have been a hard-working young man who, critically, the view formed that you appreciate how your conduct simply contributes to the supply and demand of such images.”

The judge also noted how Wright has expressed motivation to gain help and support.

Wright was also instructed to complete 80 hours of unpaid work and subjected to an rehabilitation activity requirement with the sentence lasting 40 days as well as programme requirement of 35 days.

A forfeit and destruction order for Wright’s laptop was authorised by the court.