September 2019

No jail for Ayr creep who prayed on co-workers at supermarket

A CREEP who sexually harassed shopworkers and slapped their bottoms has been placed on the sex offenders register for three years.

Stefan McGregor of Hillfoot Road, Ayr lost his job in Asda after groping women there and directing sexual remarks at them.

The 28-year-old unzipped his trousers at one woman after inappropriately touching her and tried putting his arms round around her.

The pervert pled guilty to six charges when he appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court on Tuesday, August 27 and faced the possibility of jail.

Now divorced, McGregor lives on benefits after his behaviour went unchallenged for months, starting in August 2018. But a sexual assault on a 17-year-old in June this year brought him to court.

His indictment stated he sexually assaulted one victim on several occasions by slapping her bottom and seizing hold of her and repeatedly trying to place his arms around her. He would then make degrading sexual remarks to the woman about her physical position and make further sexual remarks which are too graphic to print.

More recently, his 17-year-old victim was targeted as he repeatedly fondled her bottom and asked her for sex acts.

McGregor’s solicitor, Quinton Muir, told the court his client spared his victims reliving the incidents by pleading guilty and avoiding trial. He said: “Of course, unsurprisingly, he lost his job as a result of this background. He has no previous convictions. It is a very long and detailed report that includes some excruciatingly frank disclosures by Mr McGregor.

“All the victims in this case are all mature adult females, who worked with him and were former work colleagues.

“It’s unfortunate that this behaviour wasn’t challenged at a much earlier stage in context of the place of employment and that may have prevented all of this catalogue unfolding but we are where we are.

Sentencing the creep, Sheriff Liam Murphy told him: “Mr McGregor you should be clear that a custodial sentence is a very real possibility given the nature of offences and the number of offences, you pled guilty to six offences in relation to three different complainers.

“Despite rejection, you continued to harass these three victims in a sexually explicit manner and had behaviour that is not tolerated.

“Taking into account the report and your age and that you have no previous convictions and you also pled guilty at the first opportunity and accepted responsibility for this kind of behaviour, and also saved witnesses having to relive these experiences in court.

He was sentenced to unpaid work and placed on the register.