September 2019

Paedophile sentenced for crimes against young children

A man responsible for the sexual abuse of two young girls in Stirlingshire has been jailed.

At Edinburgh High Court on Tuesdsay 10th September, John Barr was sentenced to seven-years in prison for the attacks, which took place at two addresses within Fallin between October 1983 and October 1991.

One of the girls was aged between 6 and 15-years-old when she was subjected to serious sexual assaults at the hands of Barr, who is now aged 67.

The other girl was aged between 13 and 18-years-old when she was also subjected to serious sexual assaults.

Barr came to the attention of Forth Valley’s Public Protection Unit in November 2017, when one of the women, both of whom are now in their forties, contacted police to report the abuse.

An investigation followed, with a previous case from 2003 relating to the other woman being re-opened.

Following this investigation Barr was charged on 21st March 2018 before being found guilty of four charges of rape and one charge of lewd and libidinous practices at Edinburgh High Court on 26th July 2019.