March 2009

Victim’s relief as North Wales sex attacker is jailed

A women who was sexually assaulted in a dark alleyway has spoken of her relief after the attacker was jailed yesterday.

Shamed shop worker Daniel Morrall, who previously appeared on the Jeremy Kyle television show, hid his face from public view when he received four years prison for what a judge described as a vicious and brutal sex attack.

Morrall, said to have acted like a sexual predator, put his jumper over his head to hide when sentenced at Mold Crown Court.

The 21-year-old from Abergele Road, Old Colwyn, denied sexual assault in a dark and secluded lane behind shops in Colwyn Bay in the early hours of Sunday November 30.

But he was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for life.

Last night, the 34-year-old victim told the Daily Post of her relief at him being sent behind bars, but felt the sentence should have been longer.

She said: “He’s a monster, he’s brutal and I’m glad he’s finally in prison.

“It should have been longer though because I’m still suffering. I still can’t leave my house and am finding things very hard.

“The only good day I’ve had recently was Mother’s Day, when my family were around me.

She added: “I can’t wait to get out of Colwyn Bay and am on the housing list to go somewhere else. I just want to move on now.”

The victim was out looking for her boyfriend on the night, and told Morrall she was not interested when he chatted her up, said prosecutor Mark Connor.

Morrall, who had been on the Jeremy Kyle show over his slot machine addiction, gave the victim “an evil stare” as they walked along after she said she recognised him from the programme.

He followed her down a dark area, grabbed her and punched her to the ground, then inflicted what the judge called a brutal and vicious sexual assault upon her.

Judge Merfyn Hughes QC said Morrall, who had drunk 20 pints, had followed her.

“You grabbed her, punched her to the ground and using a significant amount of force, you sexually assaulted her,” the judge said.

The judge said that there was a degree of premeditation and predatory behaviour. It was a brutal attack where he tore her underclothes and used force.

The trauma caused to the victim was very apparent. “Rarely has this court seen such distress shown by a victim giving evidence,” he said.

Morrall was considered a high risk of sexual offending, he took no responsibility for the offence, had no insight into the effect it had and had no victim empathy whatsoever.

But he had no previous sexual convictions and the judge said with some hesitation he had decided against an indeterminate sentence to protect the public.