October 2019

Rapist who hit victim over the head with a hammer jailed for 13 years

A violent offender who hit his victim over the head with a hammer and raped her has been jailed for 13 years.

Ryan Bruce previously pleaded guilty to two counts of rape and was today (Monday, 21 October 2019) sentenced to 13 years, with four years’ extended licence, at Wood Green Crown Court.

Bruce, 26, arranged for the victim, whom he found online, to visit him at his grandmother’s house in Bethnal Green on the evening of 13 March 2019.

Shortly after the victim arrived, Bruce hit her over the head with a hammer and raped her.

The assault was interrupted by Bruce’s cousin who let herself into the house to collect their grandmother’s post.

She heard the victim crying, and Bruce shouted at her to get out of the house. She did so and called her parents, who arrived minutes later.

They found Bruce on the landing brandishing the hammer. After a scuffle, they managed to retrieve the hammer and called the police.

Bruce was found outside of the house with the victim’s phone.

He stated it was his despite it being incomprehensible to him as it was set in the Chinese language.