October 2019

Monster was 13 when he started raping and sexually abusing girl from age 7

A girl was raped and repeatedly sexually abused from the age of seven years by a monster who was only 13 when the offences started.

Tyler Munday, of Porthleven, appeared at Truro Crown Court today (Friday, October 4) for sentencing.

The 22-year-old previously pleaded guilty to several sexual offences including oral, vaginal and anal abuse as well as rape over two separate two-year periods.

There were 12 charges in relation to a single victim, starting from when Munday was aged 13.

The abuse started when Munday was a teenager and his victim was a young child.

Prosecuting, barrister Philip Lee said: “There were many times when the defendant made her put her mouth on his penis.”

When she reported him to the police, the victim explained how they had vaginal sex and “it hurt”.

Mr Lee said: “He was wearing a condom at the time, she said. She told the police he didn’t wear one after that.”

The barrister said that over the years they also performed oral as well as anal sex.

The offences often took place after they watched TV together.

Mr Lee said Munday told the police that he was lonely.

He said they would watch films together, adding: “They would cuddle and things would move on from there.”

About the anal sex, Mr Lee explained: “She said she didn’t like it, she asked him to stop, which he did after a few seconds, but he did it on other occasions.”

On one occasion another child was in the room where the abuse was going on.

Munday also once told his victim, who is guaranteed anonymity by law, that he would give her his mobile phone if she let the abuse occur.

Mr Lee said: “The defendant was disruptive, abusive and manipulative. He was excluded from school. His mother would always try to support him rather than exclude him.”

The prosecution explained that the years of abuse had a lifelong impact on the victim.

Mr Lee said: “She said, ‘I didn’t want to do it but I punished myself because I felt that’s what I deserved’.

“She began to self-harm and the defendant was aware of it. It made her feel in control. She lost a lot of friends. She felt different to other girls. She started smoking, taking drugs, alcohol.

“She ended up getting in trouble at school.”

He said the victim has been struggling since she reported Munday as she has had to talk about it repeatedly and go through a “horrible” physical examination.

During her interview with the police she said: “I think I feel lost a lot of the time. I don’t really want to be me. I don’t believe in me, if that makes any sense.”

Munday’s victim was a young child then a teenager during the time of the abuse
Mr Bailey concluded that Munday will have a lot of time in prison to reflect on how much harm he has caused.

Sentencing Munday, Judge Simon Carr described the defendant’s “campaign of sexual violence” towards his victim, who was just a child.

He said: “You would perform oral, vaginal and anal penetration and you would usually ejaculate. Sometimes you would use a condom, sometimes you would not.

“The effect upon [the victim] has been devastating. I don’t know if you have watched her interview or just read the transcript but if you haven’t watched it I suggest that some time you do.

“She turned to self-harm as a way of regaining control over her own body. She thought that was the only way of dealing with what had happened to her.

“She will have to deal with the consequences of your actions for the rest of her life.

“I have read the psychiatric report, you yourself had a troubled childhood.

“Nothing can justify what you did.”

Judge Carr said that, had he been an adult during all of the offences, Munday would have had 20 to 22 years of imprisonment after a trial.

He then explained that, being a child during part of the offences, and after trial, he would have had 18 years of imprisonment.

But he eventually sentenced Munday to 12 years of imprisonment. Munday can only be released when the parole board rules that he is no longer a danger.

He will also be on licence on eventual release and has to be on the sex offender register for life.

Judge Carr has also issued a sexual harm prevention order for 15 years.