November 2019

Lanarkshire bus pervert who performed sex act near two girls, 15, banned from contacting young women

A BUS pervert who claimed his trousers “burst open”  after performing a sex act near two schoolkids has been banned from contacting females under 18.

Brian McLaren, 52, was spotted by two teen girls, 15, with his trousers round his knees, jacket over his privates and arm moving in a rapid motion

He ignored a plea to stop and only fled when the driver was alerted on the service in Motherwell.

CCTV footage from the bus showed sleazy McLaren staring at the 15-year-olds during the journey in Motherwell, Lanarkshire.

McLaren, of Airdrie, went on trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court and denied intentionally engaging in sexual activity in the presence of the girls last December.

He claimed to be fixing his trousers after a button popped off as he sat down due to an increase in weight.

When cops arrived at his house he showed them a needle and thread beside a pair of trousers without a button in a bid to back up his version of events.

But he was convicted by a sheriff today.

Sheriff Shiona Waldron has now spared him jail despite him having two previous convictions for almost identical incidents.

Speaking directly to McLaren, she said: “This went to trial and I found the witnesses to be credible and believed they were telling the truth while there was a considerable amount of evidence against you.

“The credibility of your evidence is further placed in doubt by your previous convictions. Lightning doesn’t tend to strike twice in the same place.

One of the girls earlier told the trial: “We sat just in front of him at the back and were pretty close to him.

“It wasn’t until a few moments later I turned round and saw him take off his belt, I thought it was strange and turned round again and his trousers were down at his knees and he had a jacket covering his private parts.

“I said something to him and he left very quickly, I can’t remember what I said but I was angry and told him to leave.”

But defiant McLaren complained: “I was just trying to pull them up and I pulled them up tight as I could but there was nothing there to hold them because the button was away.”