September 2019

Paedophile with baby rape videos targeted young girls around the world

A paedophile caught with baby rape videos was an online predator targeting young girls around the world.

Michael Sumner, 35, was previously spared jail after he downloaded nearly 1,500 child sex abuse images in 2013.

That was despite him using video chat software to get children to expose themselves and perform sex acts.

He was handed eight months in jail, suspended for two years, and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order , in 2015.

Police regularly visited his home in Wallace Street, Walton , to check that he was complying with the order.

He only ever showed them his desktop computer and PlayStation – claiming not to have any other electronic items.

But the pervert collected another sickening stash of 1,877 files on a laptop, hard drive, USB stick, SD card and iPhone.

Liverpool Crown Court heard he even used his phone to secretly film children playing in the street outside his address.

Sarah Holt, prosecuting, said officers raided his home on December 5 last year and seized this equipment.

He confessed to sharing indecent images with paedophiles around the globe using Kik Messenger and Dropbox.

Sumner admitted searching VK – “the Russian equivalent of Facebook” – for young children and talking to girls online.

He said: “Well, I suppose I’ve got an addiction, something like that. I don’t know.

“It’s like I told myself ‘don’t, because your dad told you not to and your sister said she’d disown you if you did it again,’ but [I] still done it.”

When asked if he could stop, Sumner replied: “Hopefully. Well I tried. I went to a group in town, but it didn’t help.”

He had 585 Category A – the most serious category – 325 Category B, and 952 Category C photos and videos of children.

Ms Holt said: “A number of images within Category A depicted young girls who were restrained and clearly distressed.”

Police found 12 prohibited images of children and 11 extreme pornography files including animal abuse.

He had shared two Category C indecent images on Skype, but deleted other files and the desktop computer was “clean”.

Ms Holt said: “The Crown case is this computer was being kept to show if police officers wished to see any equipment.”

Police found he had covertly filmed children, who were live streaming videos of themselves, on social media app OoVoo.

Sumner kept hundreds of videos and images of children who were unaware they were being recorded while they chatted.

Many of these clips and photos were not indecent and police are still trying to track around 100 children featured in them.

But Sumner took indecent images of seven girls, “clearly” under 16 and very “young looking”, whose parents were contacted.

The victims, aged six to 15, were persuaded to expose themselves, and in some cases to pose, dance and perform sex acts.

Ms Holt said Sumner searched for one 13-year-old’s name and where he thought she lived on Google.

The prosecutor said he wasn’t charged over the legal films he took of children playing outside his house, but they were “concerning”.

Skype logs revealed he lied about his age or suggested he was a schoolboy to chat sexually with a further seven girls.

His tactics included complimenting their appearance, saying he loved them, and asking for naked photos.

When victims said he was being rude and ended conversations, he made repeated attempts to contact them.

Sumner discussed going on a “double date” and having sex with one girl, who called him her boyfriend.

Ms Holt said her responses indicated “a vulnerable and immature young girl who was uncomfortable with her appearance”.

She felt Sumner was the only person who cared for her, while “in contrast, the defendant’s tone was manipulative and focused upon sexual activity”.

Sumner tried to dupe some victims with photos of a boy, and told an American girl he wanted a threesome including her girlfriend.

In one chat, he realised he was talking to another paedophile, and said he was looking to trade images.

He boasted of finding girls by creating a fake profile on Facebook, grooming them and getting them to strip.

Ms Holt said: “The defendant went on to say that this was easy as long as he didn’t act perverted, was nice and gained their trust.”

While on bail, police went to his home, thought he seemed “nervous”, and found a “clean” mobile phone under his mattress.

Summer admitted 18 sexual offences, including inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, plus breaching his suspended sentence.Judge Rachel Smith said the “distress” of child victims and their parents was clear.

She jailed Sumner for six years and eight months and told him to sign on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.