November 2019

Dundee parents’ fury as perv who exposed himself to kids at Dundee park avoids jail

The parents of two children who were the victims of a playpark pervert are furious he has been spared jail.

The two dads, who can’t be named for legal reasons, said Joey Stephen was a “filthy pervert” who should have been locked up.

They also believe he is a danger to children and will strike again.

Stephen, 20, of Mull Terrace, admitted exposing himself and punching and acting aggressively towards the children during the incident at Powrie Park, Fintry, last year.

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael placed him on a tagging order keeping him indoors between 7pm and 7am for six months.

One dad said: “My child and their mum had to move house because he is still free to walk around. This guy is a filthy pervert who hit my kid and exposed himself to a teenager.

“I don’t understand why he walked free from court with only a tag. My child still has nightmares about what happened.”

Another dad said: “He was put on a tag but that’s not nearly enough for what he did to our kids.

“Parents can get into trouble for smacking their children so I don’t understand why this disgusting paedophile was able to get away without being locked up for what he did to them.”

He added: “My child ran to help two other children that Stephen was hitting.

“My child also called the police and stayed on the phone speaking to them while they were on their way to the park.

“Stephen was hiding in a bush and when my child approached he jumped out and exposed himself.

“He also asked my child to perform a sex act on him.

“This guy is a danger to the public and should not be free to walk the streets of Dundee. I am in no doubt that he will strike again.

“I hate the thought that he has been allowed to avoid jail and could attack someone else’s kids.”

Joey Stephen attacked children in a playpark before exposing himself to two others.

He said he would stab two of the youngsters during the incident at Powrie Park, Fintry, on June 1 last year.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard that Stephen was later found in a bush with his trousers around his ankles.

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael placed him on a tagging order keeping him indoors between 7pm and 7am for six months.

The court heard two of the children were known to Stephen while two others had never met him.

Stephen pleaded guilty to seizing two children by the body and punching them to the head, causing them to fall to the ground.

He further admitted acting aggressively towards two other children as well as threatening them with violence and threatening to strike them with a knife. He admitted a third charge of exposing himself to the same two children.

Sheriff Carmichael placed Stephen on the sex offenders register for five years.