Update: No prison. Judge Townsend passed a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order to allow police to monitor his online behaviour. He will sign the Sex Offender Register for the same period.

November 2019

Paedophile hunters snare pervert who sent sex messages to ’14-year-girl’

Paedophile hunters cornered a pervert who sent sick sex messages to a decoy posing as a 14-year-old girl.

The group confronted 44-year-old father-of-two Stuart Baigent in the street and caught the whole thing on film.

He thought he was making explicit suggestions over the internet to a teenager – who was the same age as one of his own children.

But he was really talking to a member of the group Justice for the Innocent, who target online groomers.

The group posted 41 minutes of footage on YouTube last year showing their meeting with Baigent in the street.

Members repeatedly question him about what he has done, even reading back some of the sex messages – sent even after she said she was 14.

One said: “How would you feel if this was your son?”

Asked whether he had anything to say to his family Baigent continued: “I am disgusted with myself. I am horrified with myself.”

Baigent, of Grassendale Avenue, North Prospect, appeared at Plymouth Crown Court to admit attempted sexual communication with a child.

He pleaded guilty to trying to contact a 14-year-old for the purpose of sexual gratification between January 15 and January 26 last year.

Judge Paul Darlow released him on bail until sentencing on November 22 for a probation report.

The court heard the Crown Prosecution Service was also drawing up a proposed order to control his internet use.

Judge Darlow warned Baigent, who is in a wheelchair: “Please understand there are no promises attached to this.”

The online video shows Justice for the Innocent confronting the defendant as he is sat in his car.

Members say that they are not vigilantes who want to harm Baigent and lead him away from nearby pubs.

One says that he has attended four times before catching up with the defendant.

He walks with them and stands up against a wall with arms crossed as the group asks him questions and calls the police.

Baigent listens as his sexually explicit messages are read out but mostly gives one-word answers.

The decoy, acting as the girl, expresses reluctance to comply with some of his perverted requests but he continues to egg her on.

The defendant admits he has done wrong on camera but says that this was the first time he had tried to contact a child.

Baigent claims that “nothing was going to happen” with the girl.

Members of the group say that “hundreds of thousands” of children who are abused by adults are left “soulless” and “dead inside”.