November 2019

Child abuse survivor details harrowing effect of attack as she faces paedophile in court

A sexual abuse survivor who was assaulted as a child by a man in his 20s said it has made her want to “end her life”.

David Tiley, 45, was convicted of assaulting the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, after carrying out the offences during the 1990s in Cardiff.
He denied two charges of indecent assault but was found guilty by unanimous verdicts following a trial at Cardiff Crown Court.

The trial heard that Tiley, from the Vale of Glamorgan, began touching her in a “slow and sensual” way before picking her up and placing her over his lap.

The court heard he then pulled down her trousers and began touching her sexually. During the abuse the girl was crying and begged Tiley to stop but the defendant carried on touching her and repeatedly said “good girl”.

The abuse came to light after the victim bravely reported the matter to police as an adult and Tiley was charged as a result.

At a sentencing hearing at Cardiff Crown Court the victim stood in the witness box to read out her victim personal statement in which she recounted the devastating impact Tiley’s actions had had upon her life.

She said: “Emotionally I have been affected from an early age and I have never been able to articulate or recognise feeling or emotions that to others seem normal. My experiences have affected my future and ability to have healthy relationships.

“I feel isolated, alone, dark, separated and angry. I have been unable to work or go anywhere by myself – I have not been able to leave the house at times. The thought gives me major anxiety and I end up in a sweat.

“My mental health is low and I want to end my life.

“In the past I have used alcohol to take the pain away and I am on strong painkillers to help me sleep.

“Every relationship I have had has been affected by this crime. I push people away, I feel angry, and I feel petrified of being hurt or abandoned.

“I have become an expert at showing the world I don’t care but nothing could be further from the truth. I feel low, worthless, and like I don’t deserve to be in this world.”

As a result of his conviction the court heard Tiley has lost his home and his business

The judge said: “You singled her out and made her feel groomed. She was entitled to feel safe.

“The court bears in mind the courage of the witness in attending court and reading out her statement. It’s a devastating account.”

Tiley, who wept and shook his head during proceedings, was jailed for four years and was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order for five years. He will also sign the sex offenders register indefinitely.