December 2019

Former sports coach jailed for 30 years

A former sports coach has been jailed for 30 years after “grossly abusing his position of trust” to sexually abuse five teenage boys.

Dylan Lamb, 72, bought some of his victims meals and birthday presents and arranged group trips where they would stay overnight with him, as well as inviting them to stay at his house or in hotels.

He was found guilty of a catalogue of horrific abuse dating from the 1970s to the early 2000s.

Lamb, of Queens Court in Scawby, was formerly known as Jonathan Haythorne and Jonathan Haythorne Price and was employed as a football coach in South Yorkshire and later as a hockey coach in North Lincolnshire.

The offences happened in Rotherham, Doncaster and Brigg and came to light after one of his victims came forward and spoke to police in 2016.

After a 13-day trial at Sheffield Crown Court, Lamb was found guilty by a jury of 11 offences of indecent assault, five offences of indecency with a child and five other sexual offences. His victims were all aged between 13 and 17 or below when the offences occurred.

After he was jailed, South Yorkshire Police Detective Constable Kath Coulter, who led the investigation, said: “In October 2016, the first victim we spoke to, who is now an adult, came forward to report the abuse Lamb had subjected him to after seeing media coverage about a high profile child sex abuse case that had been publicised by the Football Association.

“The abuse began when the victim was just 13, when Lamb, who was known as Haythorne at the time, was working as a football coach in Swinton and living in Mexborough.

“Over the course of five years Lamb abused the boy, with the abuse reportedly getting less frequent as he got older.

“As our inquiry progressed and we made efforts to find and arrest Haythorne, we discovered that he had changed his name to Dylan Lamb and had recently been working as a hockey coach at a club near to Brigg, North Lincolnshire.

“It was here that a second victim came forward to report abuse at the hands of Lamb. He was 15 at the time and played at the hockey club where Lamb worked.”

After Lamb was charged with some of the offences, three more victims came forward to report they had also been abused after meeting him in his role as a sports coach.

DC Coulter said: “Some of the victims reported that Lamb used to buy them meals, birthday presents and arrange group trips where they would stay overnight, such as camping.

“Lamb often used to invite them to stay with him either at his house, or in a hotel. It was through these events, and inviting them to places where he could be alone with them, that Lamb grossly abused his position of trust and subjected the boys to horrific abuse.”

DC Coulter praised the bravery of the victims for reporting the abuse to police and thanked them for their courage in helping to bring him to justice.

She said: “The five survivors, now all adults, have been forced to recount the abuse in detail through a trial and they have all shown immense courage in standing up to Lamb once again and telling the court what happened to them.

“I hope that knowing he has been found guilty and is now facing what could potentially be the rest of his life behind bars offers them some comfort.

“Lamb was in a position of trust and he abused that in the most horrific way possible. He made the victims feel as though no one would believe them, that he, as a sports coach, would be the one people would listen to.

“Even years later, when a victim saw Lamb in a social situation, he froze and said it brought him right back to the abuse, showing the devastating impact Lamb has had.