December 2019

Woman jailed for sexual assaults

A woman has been jailed for eight years and six months for a series of non-recent sexual assaults which took place more than three decades ago in North Somerset.

The assaults happened in the late 1980s at the former home of the offender Delena Wells – Old Rose Cottage in Norton’s Wood Lane, Clevedon.

The two victims were vulnerable, due to their age – between 13-15 at the time.

Wells, now aged 72, encouraged one boy to drink alcohol and live life without rules. She watched a pornographic film with him before indecently assaulting him. She continued to abuse him frequently over many months.

A vulnerable teenager had put his trust in Wells. She repaid him by repeatedly and systematically sexually abusing him.

She also exerted a controlling influence over the victim – instead of providing support – threatening the boy that he would get into trouble with the police if he reported the assaults to anyone.

The other boy was also indecently assaulted during a visit to Wells’ cottage in Clevedon after being given alcohol – an incident which has troubled him all his adult life.

After sentencing, His Honour Judge Horton awarded the investigating officer, DC Stephen Milkins, a Crown Court Commendation.

Wells showed no remorse or regret