May 2020

Pervert jailed after sexually abusing young girl

A Kingswinford man who sexually abused a young girl after visiting her home and plying her mother with alcohol has been jailed for almost seven years.

Murray Thomson was jailed for six years and nine months, with an additional 12 months on licence, after pleading guilty at Warwick Crown Court to charges of sexually assaulting his ten-year-old victim.

The 58-year-old, of Murdoch Drive, was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life, and will not be automatically released after serving half of the prison sentence.

The court was told he will only be freed before completing the whole term if the parole board considers it safe to do so, and he will then be on licence for the rest of the custodial period and for a further 12 months.

Prosecutor Grace Ong said Thomson got to know the girl’s mother, and would visit her at her home in Coventry, turning up with alcohol for her.

And he took advantage of getting her drunk to abuse her daughter on various occasions.

It came to light late last year when the girl told her mother about what Thomson had done – which began with Thomson stroking her legs – and her mother then contacted the police.

When Thomson, who had no previous convictions, was arrested he denied the offences, saying that although he had stroked the girl’s leg, there had been nothing sexual in it.

He claimed it was a malicious allegation because the girl did not like him, added Miss Ong.

Judge Anthony Potter said the offences had had ‘a significant effect’ on the way the girl relates to other people – and her mother says it has ‘undermined her trust in anyone outside the family.’

Jailing Thomson, Judge Potter told him: “The most serious offence is count five against a background of grooming when your behaviour had become increasingly degenerate.

“You were able to do all of this because you would come to the house armed with alcohol to distract and inhibit her mother from coming to see what you were up to.

“When you were seen by the police you did not tell the truth, you suggested these were maliciously-fabricated allegations.

“Depressingly frequently the court has to read statements from little girls like her about the effect on them of behaviour by men like you.

“You were clearly grooming her. Clearly you pose a risk to children of serious harm in the future.”