June 2020

South Yorkshire pervert tried to meet 14-year-old “girl” for sex in public toilets

A South Yorkshire pervert with learning difficulties tried to meet a 14-year-old decoy called “Millie” for sex in public toilets, a court heard.

Paedophile hunting group the Templar Knights, who claim to “identify online sexual predators,” confronted John Borres at his supported accommodation in Barnsley after he contacted the decoy they set up online, between October 24 and 29, 2018.

Prosecutor Ian Goldsack said Borres’s messages “rapidly became sexual in content” and he sent her indecent images of himself.

“He asked repeatedly for sex and asked her to perform a sexual act,” he said. “He accepted he should have stopped when she told him he was 14.

“He tried to arrange a meeting in public toilets in Barnsely for sex and asked whether she would dress as a boy.

“He offered to wear a condom and asked her to send pictures of herself in a school uniform.

“He also asked for naked pictures of her and admitted he had a sexual interest in girls aged 13 and 14.”

Sheffield Crown Court heard Borres has no previous convictions but has warnings on his record from 2005.

Borres, 30, of Weeland Road, Eggborough, Selby, pleaded guilty to attempting to arrange a child sexual offence, attempting to incite a child to engage in penetrative sexual activity and attempting to engage in sexual communications with a child, on December 23, last year.

Judge Michael Slater said Borres was a “vulnerable person with significant problems of your own.”

He said a two-year prison sentence would be “well justified,” but suspended it for two years, because Borres would receive better supervision where he is.

Borres must carry out 30 days of rehabilitation and a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order was imposed. Borres was warned he would be sent to prison if he disobeyed.