July 2020

Paedophile targeted girl over Facebook and FaceTime

A paedophile sent a ‘stream’ of ‘sexual’ messages to a girl from Bolton and engaged in cyber sex over FaceTime during a 17-day period.

Kieran Price, then aged 21, messaged the girl in August and September 2018.

Price, now 23, spent more than two weeks grooming the girl, prosecution barrister David Temkin told Bolton Crown Court.

Mr Temkin said that Price “would have known how old the girl was at the time of the communication”.

He also confirmed that the Facebook messages were “sexual in nature”.

The abuse was uncovered when a friend of the victim saw the inappropriate messages and alerted the girl’s mother.

After being given her daughter’s login details, the mother then saw a “stream of messages” between the girl and Price.

The mother said she was “horrified” when she read the messages and feared that the pair had been planning to meet up.

Mr Temkins said: “This was a 17-day period. At one point he discouraged her from revealing the relationship.”

Price, of Ash Grove, Caldicot, Monmouthshire, pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual communication with a child on March 19.

Sentencing him to a three-year community order, Judge Walsh said:  “I have seen the nature of the communications and it’s quite clear to me that you were aware of her age and were aware that the communication was covert, furtive, and was to remain so.