July 2020

Lewisham paedophile who put his penis on young girl’s mouth as she slept jailed

A Lewisham paedophile who put his penis on a young girl’s mouth while she slept has been jailed.

Andrew Janes took several photos of himself carrying out the sickening act on the girl on his mobile phone.

The 29-year-old , of Boundfield Road, also put the girl’s hand on his penis, and sent the images to a random person he met online.

Janes was caught when he began speaking to a girl he thought was 14 through an online chatting app, but in fact it was a fake profile set up by an online group to protect children, called SGTI.

On Wednesday (July 22) he was jailed for eight years and six months, and was given an extended license of five years.

Croydon Crown Court heard that a decoy profile was set up by the SGTI group on RandoChat, an anonymous random chat app, in 2019.

The fake profile, which used a picture of a young girl, was contacted by Janes in April 2019. The profile gave a name to Janes and told him she was 14.

Abigail Husbands, prosecuting, told the court Janes messaged the girl “daily”, with the messages quickly becoming sexual.

The court heard Janes told the girl “he was laying on his bed and feeling horny”, while on June 28, 2019 he asked her to “masturbate”.

On another occasion he asked “if her breasts had developed”.

It was also said Janes told the girl he “wanted to be called daddy”.

“There was a number of texts of a sexual element,” Ms Husbands said.

It was added that Janes sent a number of messages from June 17 to July 15 “asking her to engage in sexual activity”.

He asked her to touch herself, describing masturbation to her in quite a lot of detail,” Ms Husbands said.

“He asked her if she wanted to touch ‘little flower’.”

On July 17, 2019, the person running the decoy profile went to Janes’ home and confronted him about the messages. The meeting, which was recorded on Facebook Live, saw Janes use the excuse that he was “drunk”.

Police were called and Janes was arrested. When officers searched his phone, dozens of indecent images were found.

In three images, Janes’ penis was touching the girl’s mouth as she slept. In another photo, he had placed the girl’s hand on his penis while she was asleep.

In four photos, Janes’ penis was seen to be above or near the girl as she slept, while six images showed the girl naked standing in front of him.

In total, there were 15 indecent images on Janes’ phone of the girl.

Shockingly, there was another conversation on Janes’ RandoChat account which showed him speaking to another user about the naked girl.

Ms Husbands said: “This was a conversation with somebody called Mary who stated she was 58.

“During the chat the defendant sent nine images of [the girl] to this person.”

The court heard that these images were sexual, which included the photos which showed Janes’ penis touching the girl’s mouth as she slept.

Others photos sent to Mary included the images showing the naked girl standing in front of Janes

The court also heard that dozens of indecent images of children were found on Janes’ phone. The youngest of the girls was four years old.

Her Honour Judge Elizabeth Lowe, who said Janes posed a “serious risk to members of the public”, jailed the paedophile for eight years and six months, with an extended license of five years.