July 2020

Wroughton pensioner had image of baby girl being raped

A 79-year-old had an image saved on his devices of a baby girl being sexually abused by a man, Swindon magistrates’ heard.

Detectives were tipped off that an IP address in Wroughton had logged on to a file sharing website linked to the sharing of child sex abuse images.

Prosecutor Emma Charleton told the court police had tracked the address back to Thomas Chesterman’s home on Boness Road.

They raided the property at the start of this year, seizing computers, USB sticks and hard drives.

Confronted by police, Chesterman said to detectives he had been told about the website by a Dutch man.

He had installed the programme but claimed he never shared any files.

He said he had clicked on one but had not downloaded any.

But when challenged by police he admitted he had looked at the images because he had been inquisitive. Asked if he had watched the vile films he made no comment.

Appearing before Swindon Magistrates’ Court, he pleaded guilty to three counts of making nine indecent images of children divided equally between categories A, B and C.

But Ms Charleton said a forensic analysis of his computers and data storage revealed 134 images of child abuse saved on his devices although they were impossible to access without specialist software.

They included 47 images in the most serious category; A.

One was a photograph of a baby estimated to be six to eight months old being raped by an adult man. Another showed a girl aged five to seven being abused by a man.

Evidence pointed to him using Microsoft search engine Bing to search the web for indecent images of children.

Ms Charleton asked the magistrates to send the case up to the crown court for sentence. Terry McCarthy, for the defence, agreed.

Chesterman was granted bail and told to appear before Swindon Crown Court on August 28.

Chairman of the bench Martin Clarke said: “You’ve heard what’s been said. This court doesn’t feel that our powers of punishment are enough.”