August 2020

Paedophile grandad wrote child sex fantasy note on his iPhone

A paedophile grandad from East Yorkshire wrote a sick sex abuse note on his iPhone.

Peter Foster, 57, was also found with 131 images and 732 videos after police traced his IP address.

The most serious of the images and videos found were those that included rape of a child.

Hull Crown Court heard that Foster, of Meadow Drive, Burstwick, had six images and 594 videos in the most serious, category A.

In addition, 11 images and 115 videos in category B and 114 images and 23 videos in category C were found.

After his crimes were discovered, the offshore construction worker was divorced by his wife and his actions were described as a “significant fall from grace”.

Rachel Scott, prosecuting, said the images were linked to a file sharing service.

“On August 31, 2018 police officers from the internet sex offences team attached to Humberside Police executed a search warrant at the defendant’s home address,” said Ms Scott.

“That was off the back of intelligence that suggested an IP address linked to his home address that had downloaded sexual images of children.

“A large quantity of devices were seized including laptops, a tablet and a mobile phone.

“Later examination of the defendant’s iPhone revealed two indecent images of children and two extreme pornographic images.”

The examination also identified a note on the iPhone which appeared to be an account written by the defendant about sexually abusing a young child.

“This has been fully investigated by police,” said Ms Scott. “They have spoken to that young child and no contact had been reported.

“The dates of the images found across the nine devices investigated date from June 1, 1998 to 28 August 2018.

“When he was first interviewed, he accepted downloading some of the images. He was accused of having a sexual interest in children but denied it.

“He stated he had only opened one file and deleted it when he realised what it was and that he was surprised by the number of images.

“He stated his colleagues had used his hard-drive and could have put the images on there and denied knowledge of the extreme images, stating that they must have been sent to him by a so-called mate.”

Foster was charged with making indecent images of children and possession of an extreme indecent pornographic image.

Recorder Simon Eckersley sentenced Foster to 18 months in prison suspended for two years.

The judge imposed 30 days rehabilitation requirement, unpaid work of 180 hours and put in place a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years.

Foster was also placed on the Sex Offender’s Register for 10 years.

“This is serious offending. These are not victimless crimes. People like you in possession of these images drive further sexual abuse of children,” said Recorder Eckersley.

“There was a large number of still and moving images found across nine devices.

“131 still and 732 moving pornographic images of children.

“The most serious category, Category A. This is possession of images including sexual penetrative activity, possession of sexual activity of animals or sadism.

“In relation to those six images and 594 Category A videos were found. A substantial quantity.

“You deny that you have a sex interest in children. Of course that’s a nonsense. There is no other reason for possessing such a large number of images and videos.

“Your life has changed considerably. The divorce is a direct result of your offending coming to light, the effect that will have on you and finances and your ability to earn in the future.

“Punishment indeed.”