August 2020

Moment paedo hunters snare Grindr groomer trying to pay boy £15 for sex

A married man offered what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy £15 for sex while his wife was pregnant – only to claim it was a “joke” when caught on video by a group in Glasgow.

Qamar Iqbal, 39, used gay dating app Grindr and thought he was chatting online to a teen but instead he was snared by a the paedophile hunting group in May last year

The confrontation was live-streamed on social media by vigilante group Wolf Pack Hunters UK Improved where Iqbal said he was married to his pregnant wife.

In the clip, a woman tells him: “Say my name is Fani and I am sorry.”

He continually apologises, claiming he made a “big mistake” and it was a “joke.”

A woman then asks him: “Were you thinking about your wife when you tried to have sex with a child and pay him £15?

Iqbal, using the nickname “Fani”, had sent explicit messages and a picture of himself from his home in the city’s Anniesland district.

He pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to sending written sexual communications to a child

The first-time offender also admitted making arrangements to meet a child.

Iqbal contacted the decoy, named Robin, stating he was looking for a “bottom friend”, the court heard.

Prosecutor Lauren McRobert said: “He followed this up by stating ‘I give you every time £15, but first f***ing.”

He was repeatedly informed by the decoy that he was speaking to a 14-year-old boy.

Iqbal replied: “No problem, I like sex, you’re looking beautiful” before agreeing to pay the decoy the money

A meeting was agreed at the city’s West Street subway station where members of the group pounced on Iqbal.

Defence Counsel Claire Connelly told the court his domestic circumstances haven’t changed since the incident.

The sentence was deferred until next month for background reports by Sheriff Martin Jones QC.

Iqbal, who works in a cash and carry, was put on the sex offenders register and granted bail in the meantime.