March 2020

‘Obsessed’ man found with 7,000 ‘disgusting’ indecent drawings of children and animal sex videos

An East Yorkshire man who was found in possession of 7,000 “disgusting and obscene” indecent drawings of children has avoided prison.

Adam Cuthbertson29, of Hutton Balk in Hutton Cranswick, had his home raided by police on October 18, 2017.

Officers from Humberside Police seized two laptops and a hard-drive which were found to contain over 7,000 indecent images and 43 videos.

Prosecuting atHull Crown Court, Philip Evans said that the images found were drawings and computer illustrations.

“Extreme pornography” involving videos of people having sex with animals were also found.

Mr Evans told the court: “These were produced for sexual arousal. The illustrations showed acts of the most grossly, disgusting and obscene characteristics.”

The prosecutor told Judge John Thackray the images were collected over a period of 10 years meaning Cuthbertson, who was 26 at the time of his arrest, had been collecting the images since he was 16.

Mr Evans said that due to the indecent images involving children being drawings and illustrations, no real children had been harmed in abuse undertaken to make them.

He said: “When interviewed, he [Cuthbertson] told officers he had viewed them on a daily basis and had developed a ‘fascination’ which had become all-consuming and had taken over his life. It is not an allegation that the defendant committed any contact offences.”

Mr Evans did say that Cuthbertson’s “obsession” with the genre of images – otherwise known as Hentai – could “risk a desensitisation to child abuse”.

He said: “It is the Crown’s position that this is not an acceptable alternative to paedophilia.”

The judge determined that Cuthbertson can be rehabilitated and managed in the community and made him subject to a three-year community order, with the requirements being that he attends the Horizon programme for 29 sessions.

Cuthbertson must also undertake rehabilitation activity days for 20 days.

Judge Thackray said: “If you fail to comply with the community order, or fail to make it the priority of your life, you will be broguht back here for sentencing and it is very likely you will receive a custodial sentence.”