August 2020

Sainsbury’s worker filmed his female colleagues getting changed with camera hidden in a shoe

A perverted Sainsbury’s worker secretly filmed his female colleagues getting changed using a camera hidden in a shoe, a court heard.

Anthony Moniz, 39, hid two cubicles away while uploading footage of his unsuspecting victims on his mobile phone.

The woman was undressing after finishing her shift when she noticed an LED light shining from a shoe which had been placed in the next cubicle in the mixed gender locker room.

She then discovered a small black camera attached to a long cable and yanked it towards her, before it snagged.

The horrified supermarket worker found the peeping Tom cowering in a nearby locker and demanded his phone.

A court heard how Moniz said she would not find anything and snatched it back before running to the male toilets with it.

Police were called and found a video of another topless Sainsbury’s worker on his mobile.

The woman told how she caught the pervert at the North London store on May 28 last year in a statement read to Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.

She explained the changing rooms are mixed gender: “I started to get changed in the room, took my shoes off then noticed an LED light shining from under the shoe from the cubicle next door.

“It was partly hidden from the chair, I noticed a small black camera was attached to the LED and grabbed it with my hand.”

I started to get changed in the room, took my shoes off then noticed an LED light shining from under the shoe from the cubicle next door

As she pulled it, to her horror she found a long black cable attached to the shoe.

Furious, she banged on the next door cubical and shouted: “Whoever’s in there, come out now.”

She said that eventually the defendant came out and looked scared.

“I asked for his phone, he was reluctant to give it to me until we told him we would call the manager and police.

“Whilst scrolling through trying to find my video in the gallery he told me I won’t find anything, then snatched it and ran into the male toilets.

“After five minutes he came out with the phone and handed it back to me.

“I didn’t bother looking through it because whatever he had wanted to get rid of he had just done in the toilet.”

The alleged victim snatched the phone from the defendant and took it to the manager, explaining the situation.

She claimed there was a video found in the gallery, which had been uploaded, showing another female colleague getting dressed.

This time it was filmed from above.

“I recognised the female in the video as a colleague, completely unaware that she was being recorded as her top half was exposed,” the woman added.

She said she now feels anxious about using public lavatories or changing facilities and had to take two weeks off work.

Moniz gave a no comment interview to police but admitted voyeurism today.

Louise Ahmad, prosecuting, said: “It’s clearly a significant degree of planning and the camera is fit in a shoe located under the partition fed by a cable.”

Moniz, of Lonsdale Avenue, Wembley, admitted voyeurism by installing equipment with the intention of sexual gratification.

He was granted unconditional bail until sentencing on 10 September at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.