August 2020

Fife paedo caught with 69,000 child abuse images including friend’s molested daughter is caged

A vile paedophile from Fife who was caught with tens of thousands of horrific child abuse images – including images of a friend’s daughter being molested – has been jailed.

Kristoffer Dryburgh had a collection of more than 69,000 revolting photographs of children as young as 12-months-old being sexually abused by adults.

Dryburgh, 35, was also found to have downloaded hundreds of extreme pornographic movies featuring adults and animals when police raided an address in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, last year.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court was told the vile pervert also had two photographs taken at a friend’s home in Glasgow that showed the woman’s daughter being sexually abused.

The court heard Dryburgh, from Kinghorn, Fife, used internet search terms including “sweet teen pu**y” and “daddy and daughter” to scour the web for the disturbing child abuse images.

He pled guilty to three charges at the capital court last week where he was placed on the sex offenders register and remanded in custody by Sheriff Norman McFadyen.

The sentence was deferred to October for social work reports and a risk assessment to be prepared.

Prosecutor Jade Doig told the court Police Scotland’s cyber crime unit had “received intelligence of the downloading indecent images of children” and officers raided the home in Bonnyrigg at around 7.30am on August 23 last year.

Ms Doig said an iPhone was found to have two “first hand pictures” stored on it and following enquiries it was found the images had been taken at a home in Glasgow in November 2018.

The fiscal said the pictures were taken at the home of a female friend of Dryburgh who had two young daughters.

Ms Doig said: “The photos showed an adult hand pushing apart the buttocks of a female child exposing her vagina.

“In addition a substantial number of images were recovered from an external hard drive which had been downloaded and involved girls from one year to 12 years of age.”

The fiscal told the court the total amount of images found to have been downloaded by Dryburgh was 69,281 with a further 1331 movies also discovered.

There were 3483 category A still images, 3454 Category B and 62,344 at Category C.

The harrowing find also uncovered 674 Category A movies – the most depraved end of the spectrum – 215 category B and 442 category C.

The court also heard the images found contained 56 images and 40 movies of extreme pornography depicting sexual activity between “adults and animals”.

Dryburgh pleaded guilty to possessing indecent images of children and taking or permitting to be taken indecent images of children at an address in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, between December 17, 2017 and August 23 last year.

He also admitted to possessing extreme pornographic images depicting in an explicit and realistic way sex between adults and animals at the same address between January 25, 2018 and August 23 last year.