July 2020

Horrific ordeal of schoolgirl, 13

A terrified schoolgirl, 13, who was left expecting a child following a rape was taunted by her fellow pupils with cries of ‘abortion’ when she terminated her pregnancy.  

The young girl had initially been terrified to tell police about how Daniel Maughan, 29, from Heywood, near Rochdale, had forced himself on her during a sleepover she had been invited to in 2018.

However after discovering she was two months pregnant by Maughan, the girl made made the decision to have a termination and was mocked in the playground and branded a ‘liar’. 

At Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester, the girl’s shocking ordeal was outlined in a harrowing statement as Maughan was jailed for 13 years.  

In a statement read in court, the schoolgirl told police: ‘When it first happened I was scared and did not want to tell anyone about it. I felt different the next morning and felt dirty and anxious but I tried to ignore what happened and felt I could not tell anyone.

‘Then when I didn’t have a period over December I got a feeling I was pregnant. I am still scared I will see him and still can’t quite come to terms with the reality of what happened.

‘He put me through hell having to have an abortion and then denied everything making me look cheap. I have been called a liar by his family and have had ”abortion” screamed in my face at school.

‘I felt I could not bond with my younger brother because it just gave me flashbacks to the abortion. No teenager deserves this and he has destroyed my life- things can only get better from here.’

Following the rape, which occurred in 2018 when the girl was invited for a sleepover at a house where Maughan was staying, the schoolgirl was mocked in the playground over the abortion and branded a ‘liar’ over who the father of the unborn child was.

Maughan also falsely blamed the pregnancy on the girl having an ‘older boyfriend’ and initially denied fathering the child – even when damning DNA tests proved otherwise.                

Prosecutor Brendan O’Leary said: ‘She had been to see the Christmas lights being turned on and the victim later fell asleep on the sofa with a headache. The defendant then started touching her, lifting her bra and trying to touch her breasts

‘She felt she could not tell him to stop. He then pulled her pyjama bottoms down and started having sex with her. She said it was painful inside and outside. She continued to feel pain the next morning.

‘Afterwards the defendant got up and went towards the kitchen and toilet. She tried to get to sleep and the defendant came back into the room. The victim spoke to a friend later that day and they told her to tell someone- but she said nothing.

‘She told another friend about it after missing her period and in January 2019 she wasn’t feeling well. She told her mother she had been missing her period and told her about what had happened.

‘Her mother spoke to other family members and police were called later that evening. The victim took a pregnancy test which came back positive and had to have an abortion on 18 January. DNA confirmed the defendant was the father.

‘When interviewed by police the defendant said the allegations were a ”load of lies” and claimed his victim had an older boyfriend.

‘When interviewed again after the DNA results were put to him he continued to deny the offending. The prosecution say this involved severe psychological harm to the victim.’

Maughan admitted rape and assault. He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offender Register for life and will have to abide by the terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order

In mitigation his lawyer Michael Lavery said: ‘A report on him makes for unhappy reading but he did plead guilty. He may have some mental health problems- although a psychiatric report did not confirm this. He has always worked and had a job before arrest which he lost when he was charged. He has since done voluntary work as a driver.

But sentencing Judge Maurice Greene told Maughan: ‘Your actions had a significant and serious effect on your victim and you made her life a living hell. She had a termination, has had the word ‘abortion’ screamed in her face at school and now lacks confidence.

‘A girl of that age should not have to go through what you put her through.’