Update: Jack Sellers can now be legally named as he has passed the age of 18 years old.

Sellers recently joined the army but was medically discharged. He has not shown any remorse for his actions, and even denies his conviction as it was never published in the press due to his age at the time.

June 2016

Teenage pervert avoids prison sentence

A teenager has avoided a prison sentence after he was found guilty of sexually penetrating a three year old girl.

Jack Sellers of Driffield appeared at Beverley Magistrates Court where he was found guilty of one count of sexual assault of a female child aged under 13 by penetration -#

(The charge relates to digital penetration which refers to the use of the digits, that is, the fingers to sexually penetrate the vagina)

The court was told that Sellers was a friend of the victims family. 

During 2015 – Sellers who was aged 15 and a half years old – took it upon himself to invite the three year old girl and another young child for a bath, where he said he would wash them and make them clean.

A few days later, the mother of the victim was having a shower, and the girl asked, “Mummy why don’t you stick your fingers in your minnie moo to wash it”

The mother replied: “You don’t ever wash inside darling, it cleans itself”, to which the girl replied: “Jack washed my minnie moo with his fingers and it hurt here” then pointed to her lower abdomen. 

When asked if he had threatened her, the girl replied: “Jack said, if you tell anybody the easter bunny wont come”

The victim continues to suffer with nightmares, anxiety and panic attacks as a direct result of the abuse. 

Sellers was sentenced to a three year youth rehabilitation order and was handed a 30 month sexual harm prevention order.