Man jailed after attack on schoolgirl

A man who rubbed blood in a teenage girl’s face and hair during an unprovoked attack has been jailed.

Andrew Parker will mark his 23rd birthday in custody after Colchester magistrates sentenced him to six weeks’ imprisonment.

Amanda Stear, prosecuting, told the court the 15-year-old victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was alone in Thorpe High Street on November 1.

She was walking in the direction of Landermere Road past The Crown pub car park when Parker came out of its entrance.

Miss Stear said he walked about two metres in front of her and was staggering and screeching: ‘I’m going to kill him, I’m going to break his legs.”

Miss Stear told magistrates on Friday that Parker, of Hall Lane, Thorpe, approached the girl. His hands were covered in blood and he had some on his face, said Miss Stear.

He stood close to the girl and “making funny noises,” he rubbed his hands in her hair and over her face, laughing as he did so.

The court heard that his victim later found she had blood all over her back and she was in a distressed state.

In interview, Parker told police he could not recall the incident as he had been drunk but apologised for his “despicable actions.”

He had been thrown out of the pub by the landlord and cut his hands on a broken window. Parker admitted common assault at a previous hearing and the case had been adjourned for reports.