October 2020

Convicted paedophile jailed after meeting up with another sexual offender

A man who raped a child has been jailed again after swapping phones with another sex offender

A registered sex offender from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire has been jailed for six months after breaching a court order.

Kirisin Simarlin, 35, was arrested on August 4 this year after police suspected him of breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) he was the subject of.

He was placed on the sex offenders register in 2013 as a result of convictions for sexual offences against a child, including rape.

While at the address he took the SIM card out of his own mobile phone and placed it in the phone of his acquaintance in order to access the internet.

He failed to notify police of this, even when asked what other devices he had used to access the internet – both breaches of his SHPO.

The day after his arrest he was charged breaching a SHPO by using an internet enabled device belonging to another person, using his SIM card, and not informing police.

Simarlin, of no fixed address, appeared at Peterborough Crown Court on Friday (October 9) after admitting the offence, and was sentenced to six months in prison

As part of their work to manage sex offenders, officers from the northern Public Protection Unit (PPU) found that Simarlin had stayed overnight at the home address of another registered sex offender.