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June 2018

Pelynt man sexually assaulted schoolgirl

A shop worker sexually assaulted a girl at a gathering after plying her with so much alcohol she couldn’t stand.

David Boxall, 41, who lives and works in Pelynt near Looe, was sentenced on Wednesday (June 20) for abusing the girl aged under 16 in December of last year.

Boxall was brought to Truro Crown Court from HMP Exeter where he admitted one charge of sexual activity with a child.

Prosecuting barrister Philip Lee said the victim had never really drank alcohol before but on the night in question remembers trying vodka, “some blue stuff”, cider and several bottles of Budweiser at a gathering.

Mr Lee said: “She remembers falling down a lot and the defendant picking her up, saying, ‘do you want another drink?’.

“She doesn’t recall how she ended up with the defendant in the (same room).

“The victim described the defendant touching her naked breasts. She had her arms and legs around him and then felt a pain in the vaginal area. The victim felt numb and could not say anything but remembers shouting out.”

Mr Lee added how other people present saw the victim on the floor with her pants down as the defendant pulled his up. Mr Lee says it was likely Boxall would have proceeded to try to have full sex with the victim had she not shouted out in pain.

When the victim later saw her father she was “very drunk, with rolling eyes and slurred speech”. The following morning she broke down and told her parents what had happened.

The victim suffers regular nightmares and lack of sleep and her family are looking to move out of the area as a result of the offence.

Sentencing Boxall, Judge Simon Carr said: “It’s pretty clear you were deliberately feeding large amount of alcohol to young girls to reduce their resistance to you. The victim was so drunk she couldn’t stand up and your reaction after helping her up was to offer her more to drink.

“She has only limited recollection of what happened but remembers feeling pain above her vagina after you assaulted her.

“I have no doubt that the image of you on top of her will stay with her for a very long time.

“I cannot accept this as a moment of madness because of the period of time you plied this girl with alcohol prior to the assault.”

Boxall was sentenced to five years in prison and told to sign the sex offenders’ register for life.